Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) Crashing, Stuttering & Not Loading Issue Fix (2024)

The much-awaited fee-to-play action RPG Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) has finally been released for Android, iOS, Windows, and PlayStation.

Like other popular games, Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) is not free from errors, issues, and glitches.

A lot of players who downloaded ZZZ on their devices are currently having crashing, stuttering, and not loading issues.

Whenever a new game is released, it is common to face these types of errors and problems.

Fortunately, these errors can be avoided or resolved by applying a few simple troubleshooting steps.

To learn what those troubleshooting steps are and how they work, you need to keep reading this guide.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

How to Fix Zenless Zone Zero Crashing & Stuttering Issue (2024)

Here are some easy ways to resolve the ZZZ crashing & stuttering problems:

Update ZZZ App

Whenever you encounter the ZZZ app crashing or not loading issue, the first thing you should do is update the app to the latest version.

Whenever a new game is out, the devs keep updating the game to fix bugs and glitches. If you are using an older version of the game, you are most likely to face the crashing or not loading issue.

To resolve the issue, update the ZZZ app by following the steps written below:

  • First, visit the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Now, search for ZZZ.
  • Now, tap on the Install button.
  • Once installed, launch the app and check if the issue is fixed.
  • That’s it.

Clear App Cache

To provide a seamless and uninterrupted experience, games like Zenless Zone Zero store and use cache files.

Sometimes, these files get corrupted. Whenever this happens, players start encountering crashing, stuttering and the game not loading issues.

To fix the issue, you need to clear the cache files. To clear the app cache, go to Settings > App Management > ZZZ > Storage > Clear Cache.

Once cleared, launch the game and check if the issue is gone.

Create Shortcut

This method is suggested by r/ZZZ_Official on Reddit. According to this user, creating a shortcut to the game resolves the crashing, stuttering, and the game being stuck on the loading screen.

If you don’t know how to create a short of ZZZ, follow the steps written below:

  1. First, download Zenless Zone Zero from HoYoPlay!
  2. Once downloaded, launch the game and log in.
  3. Once logged in, load the game and click on the Three Horizontal lines (Hamburger Menu).
  4. After that, go to Settings and then click on the ‘Open Directory’ option.
  5. Now, right-click on the game’s .exe file and click on ‘Properties’.
  6. There, you need to use ‘Copy as Path’ if you are using Windows and skip the 8 and 9 steps.
  7. Now, hold the left mouse and drag and then copy it.
  8. Now, create a shortcut by right-clicking on Desktop and then New Shortcut.
  9. Once done, paste the path with quotation marks.
  10. If you are still using the previous way of Windows 10, you are required to add \ZenlessZoneZero.exe ! and then paste the path if you use “Copy as Path” on Windows 11.
  11. Once done, make sure to add -force-d3d12.
  12. As far as the name is concerned, you can choose anything.
  13. Now, click on the “Finish” button and enjoy the game.
  14. That’s it.

That’s everything you need to know about how to fix ZZZ crashing, stuttering and the game not loading issue.

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