Zenless Zone Zero Tier List (July 2024)

Zenless Zone Zero is an upcoming action RPG. The HoYoverse’s Gacha game has many playable agents with unique attributes. If you are wondering how to form the best team from the many characters, you must go through our tier list.

Our Zenless Zone Zero tier list has categorized characters into different tiers based on their attributes. 

Since this tier list is curated by our preferences, chances are high that you might disagree with our rankings.

Since the game is yet to be released globally, we might make changes to our Zenless Zone Zero tier list in the future.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Zenless Zone Zero Tier List (2024)

Before I rank every character in Zenless Zone Zero, let me tell you that each character possesses a unique ability or skill.

There is no denying that each character is important but some are better than others. With that in mind, we ranked all Zenless Zone Zero characters into five tiers with S being the best to C being the worst.

Here are all the characters available in Zenless Zone Zero and their rankings:

S Tier

Zhu Yuan

Zhu Yuan is the leader of the PSCI team ready to help people. She uses Suppressive Mode and Assault Mode to deal damage to enemies and regain energy.  


Ellen has a high PEN (Penetration) Ratio which allows her to disregard the DEF (Defense) stat of her foes and shred them to pieces with a barrage of multi-attack slashes. Se can also inflict Freeze and Shatter effects.


has a Daze application and pairs well with characters that share his attributes. He can easily evade the enemy due to his nimble footwork.  


Rina is a mobile unit, able to establish distance from the enemy. She employs Strike and Pierce damage which makes her versatile against foes at all ranges. 


Koleda can double up as a tank and Daze applicator and at close range is a force to be reckoned with.  She has a unique synergy that can damage and Daze buffs while performing chain, and ultimate attacks.

Soldier 11 

Soldier 11 is a model soldier as she is a damage dealer capable of assuming the role of pseudo-tank against heavy hitters. 

A Tier


Grace is a fan favourite due to her Electric-based attacks which can bypass the enemy’s DEF, leaving them vulnerable to  Shock effects and she can easily operate at medium range.


Anby is another capable fighter due to her Daze application and has abilities, which grant energy regeneration. Anby can help steer you to victory


Nekomata has the highest base Attack stat and is capable of slashing through the enemies with a dodge counter.


Anton can easily pin down enemies clustered together using his Special.  


Soukaku’s Special Attack due to her Fly the Flag ability allows her to inflict Ice damage.    

B Tier


Nicole might not be on top of the damage-dealing charts but can displace enemies by pulling them into a black hole.  


Billy with his twin revolvers fits into any team and his chain attack allows him to deal damage. But he is also fragile, and his low  Health Points make him vulnerable when left on the field.

C Tier


Corin is a close-range fighter but is also quite fragile.


Ben is proof positive that size does matter he can stop a rampage with ease but his slow movement is his negative point.

Zenless Zone Zero is one of the famous RPG games available for Android and iOS. Hope the Tier list helps form your team.

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