Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA) Value List (June 2024)

Your Bizarre Adventure — popularly known as YBA — is one of the oldest games available on Roblox.

It is one of a few Roblox games that has tons of skins to choose from. When you have plenty of options, it becomes pretty difficult to choose the best ones.

The same thing is happening with YBA skins. Like other Roblox games, some skins or cosmetics are rare and can’t be obtained easily.

To get those skins or cosmetics in YBA, you must either use the TRADING option or buy them using Robux.

As compared to Robux, obtaining YBA skins via trading is a bit cheap. Unfortunately, you can’t get the desired skin at a cheaper rate without knowing its current value.

With that in mind, we created a YBA value list mentioning the names of every skin or cosmetics available in Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA).

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

YBA Trading Value List (2024)

Before I mention the value and price of every YBA skin or cosmetic, let me tell you that the below-mentioned price is not permanent.

Yes, it keeps changing with events and updates. If you want to get the latest YBA value list, bookmark and visit this page daily because we update it whenever their values are changed.

Notably, the following YBA value list is created based on the skin’s demand, value, and rarity.

Here are all YBA skins and cosmetics and their values:

S Tier

Mirage Of Phantoms1010
Crazy Overseer465
Twau Over Heaven190
Ghost World170
Jack O Platinum102
Horseman Of Heaven52
Retro The World Over Heaven36
Tyrant Crimson30
Dak Determination16
The Waifu V125
The Waifu V1 (Twoh)20
Tomb Crypt Tusk18
Blade Of Exile12

A Tier

Devil’s Moon11
Scary Monsters TWAU6.7
Pumpkin Patch Stone Free6.6
Vexus Crimson (KCR)5.2
Frostbite (BTD)5.4
Digital Platinum & Neon Ascension Diamond5
Digital Star Platinum5
Neon Ascension Diamond5
Mr Jukes Angel4
King Peppermint3.3

B Tier

Lord Boros2.5
One Above All2.3
Train to Hell2
Moon Of Christmas Present (MiH)2
The World Greatest High (TWOH)1.8
Shadow The World (TWOH)1.6
Heaven Act 41.6
Star Waifu The World1.5

C Tier

The World OVA & The World 21.5
Anti Umbral1.4
Golden Frieza1.4
King Krampus1.4

D Tier

Crazy Ruby1.4
Vanilla Ice Cream1.3
Vinegar Crimson1.2
Vinegar Crimson (KCR)1.2
Holly’s Sickness1
Nonosama Bo1
Crimson Mist1
Undead Flare1
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