Type Soul Accessories Tier List (July 2024)

Type Soul is a popular RPG where players get to choose a role and jump into the world of adventures loaded with accessories. To help you choose the best, we created a Type Soul accessories tier list.

Having good accessories can not only help you in the battle but also help them change their appearance during Raids. 

In our Type Soul Accessories tier list, we have ranked all accessories into five tiers with S being the best to D being the worst.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Type Soul Accessories Tier List (2024)

Here are all the accessories available in Type Soul and their rankings:

S Tier

These accessories are the best of the lot and are not only stylish but comfortable too.   

  • Cat Ears
  • Saunder Cloak
  • Kisuke Robe
  • Ichigo Cloak
  • Oetsu Puffer
  • Urahara Cloak
  • Cacao Ruler Cloak
  • Vokun Furcloak
  • Arrancar Hibernal Cloak
  •  Kuro Cloak
  • Gods Prize
  • Neutral Asura Pants
  • Arrancar Asura Pants
  • Shinigami Asura Pants
  • SR Hibernal Cloak
  •  Mugetsu Mask
  • Mugetsu Wrapping
  • Shunsui’s Kimono
  • Gordeuau Cloak
  • Almighty Eye
  • Bararaq Diadem
  • Yhwach Almighty Cloak
  • Feng Star
  • Dark Feng Headband
  • Black Ripper Jacket
  • White Ripper Jacket
  • Blind View
  • Min Starrk Mask
  • Starrk Pelt
  • Dreadful Bone Armour
  • Dreadful Bone Mask
  • Tiger King’s Pants

A Tier

These accessories are good but not as good as the ones in the S-Tier List.  

  • Quincy Black Pants
  • Quincy White Pants
  • Champion’s Cloak
  • Gremmy’s Cloak
  • King’s Cloak
  • Your Cloak
  • Quincy Short Cloak
  • White Honoured Cloak
  • Arrancar Stripe Pants
  • Black Honoured Cloak
  • Star Pendant
  • Puffers (coloured)
  • Aizen Eyepatch
  • Quincy Puffer
  • Quincy Hooded Puffer
  • Quincy Robes
  • Ulquiorra Cloak
  • Shiro Cloak
  • Harribel Male Cloak
  • Harribel Cloak
  • Barragans Robes
  • Tsunayashiro Cloak
  • Glowing Reactive Cat Ears
  • Kenpachi Eyepatch
  • Vamp Cloak
  • Soul Beats
  • Short Cloak
  • Crown

B Tier

These are not as good as A-Tier but can be used for a better look.   

  • Quincy Hat
  • White Gi
  • Bambiettas Heart
  • Primera Black Fur
  • Primera Fur
  • Arrancar Gehenna Beads
  • Shinigami Gehenna Beads
  • Grimmjow Belt
  • Mini Quincy Hat
  • Arrancar Black Cape
  • Uryu’s Star
  • Black Guard Coat
  • White Guard Coat
  • Gehenna Beads
  • Bowtie
  • Arrancar Cape
  • Miracles Cape
  • Miracles Helm
  • Captain Cloak Armless
  • Captain Cloak
  • Lt Band
  • Quincy Cross
  • Urahara Hat
  • Black Collar/White Collar
  • Black Belt/ White Belt
  • Hooded Sternritter Cloak
  • Sternritter Cloak

C Tier

These accessories are weak use them if you do not have a better alternative.

  • Abarai Goggles
  • Bandage
  • Shihouin Belt
  • Hisagi Chains
  • Shutara Necklace
  • Kuchiki Goggles
  •  Headwear
  • Glasses
  • Earrings
  • Kuchiki Scarf
  • Kyoraku Hat
  • Hitsugaya Scarf
  • Zaraki Eye Patch
  • Hyosube Oni Beads
  • Unohana Cape
  • SSR Rope
  • SSR Shoulder Pad
  • Spectacles


The weakest of the lot would not recommend them.

  • Hitsugaya Sash
  • Hirako Tie
  • Kurosaki Chain
  • Kurosaki Headphones
  • Shihouin Blindfold
  • Shiba Head Scarf

What Are The Best Type Soul Accessories For Combat?

Cat Ears

They make a gamer and protected and resilient fighter with a 5% Defense that allows players to take less damage. The +15 Health increases HP to stay on the battlefield for as long as possible.

Saunder Cloak

This helps players improve their combat skills and the 15HP along with +20 Reiatsu gives players an added advantage.

Kisuke Robe

The Kisuke Robe is one of the best accessories where players receive +10% Mode Duration and a +10% Reiatsu Regen.

This is all  about the Type Soul Accessories Tier List

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