Survive The Killer Value List (June 2024)

Survive The Killer is a popular Roblox game that gives you two choices — Survivors and Killer.

Irrespective of whether you play it as a Survivor or Killer, you will need plenty of items. Fortunately, this game allows you to get items via trading.

Before you skip reading this post, let me tell you that some items in Survive The Killer can’t be traded.

Most items or recipes available in the game can be obtained via trading with other players.

While trading items in Survive The Killer, make sure you know their current trading values. If you don’t know their worth in the game, chances are high that you might get scammed by other players.

With every new update, the devs add new items or skins to Survive The Killer. Whenever they add a new item, it affects the value of the previous items or skins.

With that in mind, we update our Survive The Killer (STK) trading values whenever a new update is released.

To get the latest value list for Survive The Killer (STK) items, bookmark and visit this page daily.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Survive The Killer Trading Values (2024)

Before I mention the name and value of any STK item on our website, let me tell you that this value list is created by a website —

Being in the business of content writing, I don’t want to take any credit for this value list. I appreciate the efforts and time put in by the team.

Here are all the items available in Survive The Killer and their current trading values:


Inconspicuous GiftNA
Pizza Cutter200K
Barbaric Junk Reclaimer25K
Radiant Heartseeker185K
Radiant Desire600K
Armen’s Heart75K
Umbra’s Heart75K
Cherished Heartblade125K
Cold Cupid Heartstopper125K
Cold Heartsplitter Axe125K
Heartsplitter Axe75K
Rudolph’s Ravager25K
Polar Ravager75K
PolarIce Wall75K
Claive Of The Void125K
Void Lantern100K
Void Balloon Sword100K
Staff Of The Void100K
Void Bat100K
Void Latern125K
Void Pickaxe100K
Void Rune175K
Wand Of The Void100K
Searing Wand12.5K
Glaive Of The Hallowed75K
Harvest Lantern75K
Dark Rune100K
Purplexia Prime12.5K
Purplexia Rex6.25K
Noctic Aterna600K
Tua Glas100K
Claiumh Glas100K
Cold-Hearted Cupid’s Bow100K
Empress Lillian’s Bow300K
Cupid’s Bow75K
Cold Heart100K
Frostbreath1.5 Million
Poltergeist Scythe350K
Axe of The Reaper2.5 Million
Arachnophobia1.25 Million
Deadly Dark Scythe900K
Gilded Power wheel Slycer850K
Cupid’s Hearstopper225K
Shamrock Scimitar400K
Axe of The Fairy150K
Brass Junk Reclaimer12.5K
Purple Eye of Cupid25K
Pink Eye Of Cupid25K
Cupid’s Wing25K
Coco Hammer25K
Chocolate Sword25K
Chocolate Heartsplitter25K
Chocolate Heartstopper25K
Chocolate Radiant25K
Holly Lance12.5K
Jolly Lance12.5K
Elf Lance12.5K
Ice Lance12.5K
Evergreen Splinter6.25K
D-1 Thorn6.25K
D-A Thorn6.25K
T-Z Thorn6.25K
Squeeky Hammer12.5K
Wand Of The Wicked12.5K
Staff of the Dead Forest12.5K
Brimstone Bat12.5K
Sunbladed Revolver12.5K
High Noon Hatchet6.12K
Gleaming Despair37.5K
Gleaming Hope37.5K
Bane of Misery25K
Bane of Desire25K
Rude Olph6.25K
Christmas Tree Cutter6.25K
The Alchemist’s Shattered Fang12.5K
Brutosetin’s Bonesaw12.5K
Fang of the Black Window125K
Hallow’s End150K
Vampire Vanquisher300K
Abominable Board Sword37.5K
Skadi’s Glacier Spike37.5K
Clucky’s Lucky Lasher25K
Brass Knuckle Carbonator1.6K
Steel Knuckle Carbonator1.6K
Gilded Slime Slycer37.5K
Toxic Waste Slycer37.5K
Snowman Splinter6.25k
Glacial Splinter6.25K
Aurora Splinter6.25K
Acidic Scimitar1.6K
Zombie Skin Scimitar1.6K
Jewels of Stone100
Dagger Of Cold100
The City Hereafter100
Duskbound Athame100
Seabed Spectica100
Layers of Ardor100
Ironclad Gouger100
Bloodplatated Riptar400
Vampyric Ripter400
Dreadstained Riptar400
Bluesteel Riptar400
Amber Riptar6.25K
Stone Riptar400
Aether Core400
Death’s Dance6.25K
The Final Rose6.25K
Cupid’s Nightmare6.25K
Ice Skate Stabber3.125K
Tree Light Trauma3.125K
Dracthar’s Arrowhead6.25K
Skulk’s Arrowhead6.25K
Toxic Lantern12.5K
Grave Robber12.5K
Breath Of Winter12.5K
Nuclover Bomb6.25K
Lucia’s Golden Tune6.25K
O’stabby’s O’stabber6.25K
Stop Sign Stabber100
Junkyard Jabber100
Blackmetal Blade400
Toxic Watse Slycer400
Gold Slime Slycer12.5K
Powerwheel Slycer12.5K
North Pole Splinter650
Meltdown Splinter650
Gingerbread Splinter650
Talon Of Wind350
Talon of The Sky400
Talon of the Phoenix400
Talon of The Ocean400
Talon of The Baron400
Talon of Steel400
Talon of Duality400
Talon of Charm400
Pink Balloon Sword1.6K
Yellow Balloon Sword1.6K
Green Balloon Sword1.6K
Blue Balloon SwordNA
Mayor’s Machete150
Phantom Drape100
Eroded Blood Rush100
Blood Rush100
Brisk Nimbus100
Valentine’s Canvas1.6K
Box Of Candy1.6K
Rose of Anguish1.6K
Santa’s Slay650
Ugly Christmas Slycer1.6K
Frostbitten Twice-Shy1.6K
The Lost Slycer100
Cursed Purpleheart1.6K
Zombie Infection1.6K
Night Stalker1.6K
Ghostly Gasher1.6K
Scimitar of the Evil Clown6.25K
Scimitar of the Happy Clown6.25K
Scimitar Of the Screamer6.25K
O Christmas Tree6.25K
Firework Frenzy6.25K
Jackman’s Blade6.25K
Wraith Of the North6.25K
Enchanted Forest1.6K
Luminescent Feather1.6K
Misfortune’s Mangler1.6K
Battery Powered Gearsaw12.5K
Slyce Of Pride1.6K
The Mystifier50K
Yellow Test Slycer25K
Eclipse Slycer25K
Gilded Charm100K
Machine Dagger (Warning)6.25K
Machine Dagger (Caution)1.6K
Electro Slycer (SC)12.5K
Electro Slycer (6.25K
Dark Wings of Cupid12.5K
Premium Slycer1.6K
Golden Ice Wall25K
Rudolph’s Golden Ravager12.5K
Golden Lance37.5K
Frozen Candy Cane12.5K
Holiday Splinter1.6K
Putrid Pickaxe12.5K
Red Balloon Sword1.6K
Blade of The Searing12.5K
Talon of Zombification6.25K
Talon of the Cauldron6.25K
Sparkletime Pumpkin Carver6,25K
Oopsie Daisies1.6K
Ye Olde Slycer1.6K
Summertime Shank12.5K
Metal Season6.25K
Code Red1.6K
Duilleoga Tite100K
Golden Order75K
Wings Of Cupid ’2312.5K
Hallow Heart1.6K
The Christmas Caper12.5K
Dark Fiend1.6K
Blade of the Scourge12.5K
The Missing Avatar1.6K
Blood Ruby1.25 Million
The BlueprintNA
Medalist’s Mangler5 Million
Galaxy100 Million
Crimson Crusader3 Million
Fey’s Slycer3.5 Million
Collector’s 500m Slycer300K
Rusty Dagger75K
Collector’s 900M Slycer75K
Collector’s 700M Slycer200K
Collector’s 800M Celebration25K
Ten Million Celebration25K
Metaverse Mangler (SC)25K
900M Slycer6.25K
The Broken Clock1.6K
The Jumping Bug6.25K
Slyce Of Pride6.25K
2nd Birthday Blade1.6K
800M Slycer6.25K
700M Slycer6.25K
Burlap Chainsaw12.5K
Sawblade’s Jigsaw12.5K
Cheesy Chopper12.5K
300K Slycer12.5K
200M Slycer12.5K
Devious Dagger12.5K
Happy Circus Knife12.5K
Charlie’s Knife12.5K
Purple Pinstripe12.5K
Sunlit Glass12.5K
Test Knife12.5K
Metaverse Mangler6.25K
Premium Slycer1.6K
Wings of Cupid600K
Gilded Hearts2.75 Million
Gilded Valentine25K
Over The Rainbow1.75 Million
Pot of Gold25K
Charms O Plenty12.5K
Clover Carver12.5K
Blade of The Hallowed37.5K
Hallowed Moon12.5K
Special Snowflake250K
Candy Cane Slycer12.5K
Wings of Cupid500K
Gilded Hearts300K
Gilded Valentine6.25K
Over The Rainbow25K
Pot O Gold6.25K
Blade Of The Wicked12.5K
Friendly Spirits1.6K
Candy Cane12.5K
Santa Hat Slycer1.6K
2022 New Year1.6K
Cold Wings Of Cupid400K
Rock Candy150K
Valentine Rose12.5K
Wings of Cupid37.5K
Valentine Vandetta75K
Roses of Retribution75K
Orion’s Ornament75K
Sweet Ravenge25K
Valendy Paws25K
Cupid’s Arrow25K
Shimmerheart Shank1.6K
Flowery Facade1.6K
Violet Pulse1.6K
Fae’s Lament1.5 Million
Clucky’s Corruptor550K
Fae’s Golden Lament125K
Rainbow Cloverbeat12.5K
Jerry Rigged Jabber50
Sheetmetal Shank50
Recycled Cyan Slycer200
Recycled Pain Slycer50
Sapphire Ice Wall400
Ruby Ice Wall400
Emerald Ice Wall400
Frozen Ice Wall400
Baseball Bat100
Skeletal Bowie50
Cowprint Slasher50
Ghastly Gasher50
Violet Nebula50
Saloon Door Splinter50
Full Moon Fuller50
Blackout Meson50
Darkfelt Slycer400
Blushing Heart400
Heartfelt Slycer400
Blue Gummy Slycer400
Not So Frosty400
Gingerbread Mangler400
Blue Gummmy Slycer400
Red Gummy Slycer400
Green Gummy Slycer400
Rattlebone’s Cutlass6.25K
Dr Devious’s Roses250
Wings Of Corrupt Cupid6.25K
Sleigh Ride1.6K
Frost Armor1.6K
Gingerbread Jabber1.6K
Frosty Lake1.6K
Burst O’luck400
Clover Field400
Brisk Rainbow400
Minty Holiday Hook1.6K
Perish With Liquorice100
Pumpkin Carver50
Banshee Bite1.6K
Cookie Cutter1.6K
Pumpkin Patch1.6K
The Mummy1.6K
Athamme Of Blood1.6K
Athame of the Lich1.6K
Sus Holly Gift400
Sus Striped Gift400
Sus Red Gift400
Ice Slycer400
Snowy Slycer400
Clover Root100
Lucky Mural100


Delta Dawn340
Ice Breaker25K
Data Rain25K
Data Rain25K
Night Hawk4K
Silent Knife4K
Cyber Slasher4K
1000 Degree Knife6.25K
Molten Core2.65K
Blood Moon2.4K
Cosmic Jab2.4K
Petal Prism2.4K
Shadow Kraken2.25K
Night Howler1.6K
Gliding Ocean1.6K
Awesome Blossom6.25K
Motif Aquatique900
Motif Dombre900
Motif Dange900
Sharpened Torch600
Sharpened Torch600
Viper Cluster600
The Violet Cluster600
Saint Galactica600
Cable Rogue450
Splatter Slasher450
The Void450
Rings Of Fire340
Floating Points250
Smiley Slycer250
Flower Power250
Berry Aura200
David’s Dagger200
The Reverse Medkit100
Graffiti Knife100
Deadly Dazzler100
Viper Fang50
Dust Light50
Siren Head Slycer50
Red Slycer20
Sapphire Sparkle Time20
Emerald Dream20
Emerald Carver20
Ruby Carver20
Zebra Knife20
Tiger Knife20
Amber Sparkle Time20
Greenstone Sparkle Time20
Amethyst Carver20
Redstone Sparkle Time20
Dragonstone Sparkle Time20
Annie Dolly Dagger20
Dead Fred Redemption20
Knife Behind The Slaughter20
Freddy Favorite20
Purple Slycer20
Green Slycer20
Cyan Slycer20


Leafy Stick37.5K
Rubber Chicken100K
Toilet Plunger37.5K
The Slycer Cyan600K
The Template550K
The Gold Bar375K
Touch Of Death600K
Astral Trident6.25K
Astral Sychte12.5K
The Butcher’s Cleaver50K
Infernal Deadlift15K
Smouldered Katana15K
Noxious Reaver50K
Astral Tear6.25K
The Sundered Dune12.5K
Fallen Angel12.5K
Alien Metal12.5K
Mauve Engine400
Dragon Web3.12K
Muerte Violeta3.12K
The Baron’s Arrangment3.12K
Kunzite Crusader250
Plastic Puncture250
Toxic Sorrow180
Fallen Oath50
Star Bound50
Titanium Trident50
The Jade Forest50
The Scoop20
Earthen Domascus20
Corrupted Rune20


Polter Clucky500K
Present Head12.5K
Santa Roni100K
Santa Roni150K
Present Head12.5K
Ghostly Scary Beary50K
Ghost Grimsley350K
Clucky The Leprechaun25K
Corrupt Cupid25K
Corrupt Santa12.5K
Jack Forest12.5K
Lyreth The Elf12.5K
Scarlet The Cursed12.5K
Flotsam Direwick50K
Cold Hearted Cupid50K
Empress Lillian100K
Skadi The Ice Queen75K
Corrupt Frosty12.5K
Count Dracthar3.12K
Riley O’Stabby100K
Clucky The Leprechaun25K
Lucia The Lucky100K
Cold Corrupt Clucky400K
Corrupt Clucky1.25 Million
Corrupt Beatrice125K
Corrupt Cupid25K
Corrupt Santa25K
Franz The Nutcracker75K
The Grim Reaper175K
Deadly Dark Reaper600K
Corrupt Alfred2 Million
Corrupt Maya Rose3 Million
Prof Ratthew Cheeseworth75K
Clucky The Leprechaun200K
Corrupt Cupid75K


Papa Roni37.5K
Lady Belle3.12K
Night Rider3.12K
Mayor Marrow6.25K
Scary Beary25K
Armmen The Eternal25K
Chadthew Dudesworth400
Applejack The Butcher1.6K
The Banshee12.5K
Felicia The Fool100
Headless Harry6.25K
Alfred The Assassin400
Burlap Brute100
Siren Head500
Happy The Clown50
Dr Devious20
The Purple Slaughter man20
Darius Howley20
Killer Krueger20
Asylum Doctor20
Dead Fred20


Scraphos The Searing12.5K
Searing Wand12.5K
Layfa Ashwell12.5K
Ashwell Cleaver12.5K
Mr Risus12.5K
Mr Risus Sickle12.5K
Grimsley’s Buster150K
Corrupt Papa Roni400K
Charred Rolling Pin175K
Divine Cupid150K
Cupid’s Spear1.25 Million
Malvus The Magician25K
Malvus’ Grandmaster Wand25K
Corrupted Dreadblade25K
Voldar’s Light Sword25K


Gingerbread Cabin75K
Direwick Tent400K
Snow Castle3.12 Million
Watcherwer Cabin100K
Victorian Cabin50K
Forest Cabin25K
Northern Cabin25K


Golden Hour200
Moonstone Dagger100
Reactor Core100
Red Screamer20
Jackman Blade20
Mike The Menace20
Slinging Slasher20
Orange Slycer20

That’s all you need to know about STK Trading Values.

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