How To Get The Stigma Fast In Sols RNG (2024})

Sol’s RNG Update Era 8 has been released and it has loads of new stuff for players. You can get potions, gear, auras, achievements, and more.

The Era 8 update has added 18 new achievements but in this guide, we shall share with you all about how to get Stigma Fast in Sols RNG.

Sol’s RNG Era 8′ much-awaited update has not disappointed the players as it has unveiled some much-needed new achievements and more.

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Achievements are considered goals or badges for Sol’s RNG. They are notable for giving money rewards and a leaderboard title on completion to the player. Follow the steps shared in this guide to achieve The Stigma achievement. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Unlocking The Stigma Achievement In Roblox Sol’s RNG

To get The Stigma achievement in Sol’s RNG, the player has to get hit by the Red Full Moon aura’s ability. However, this is a developer’s exclusive ability.

You need to wait for the developer to join your server and ask them to use the Red Full Moon aura’s ability.

Players can also join the official Sols RNG Discord server. Next, go to their private servers channel and join a developer’s server there. One can even ask a developer on the server to help you get the Stigma achievement.

As soon as they use Red Full Moon aura’s ability a red shockwave will be created. Players need to be in the radius of the shockwave to get hit and killed by the ability. As soon as you are successful in getting hit you will receive The Stigma achievement. 

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