How to PVP In Sol’s RNG (2024)

Sols RNG is a Roblox AFK experience wherein players strive to get different Auras by rolling.

The Auras are of different categories such as Common, Legendary, and Rare. Obtaining common auras in Sol’s RNG is pretty easy. Rare auras, on the other hand, need you to roll again and again because they have a very low chance.

To roll for auras in the Sols RNG, “Auto Roll” must be enabled. You can skip the rolling process and its animation by purchasing the “Quick Roll” game pass by spending Robux. 

However, like any other Roblox game, developers keep adding new features to the game to make it more fun to play. 

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In the Era 8 update, the developers added a new feature called PVP. When you have it enabled, you can attack other players on the server.

Since the PVP feature has just been added to Sol’s RNG, many still don’t know how to use it.

In this guide, we will teach you how to PVP in Sols RNG. To learn the entire process, keep on reading.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

How to PVP In Sols RNG

As I mentioned above, PVP in Sols RNG allows players to attack other players in the game. 

To use this new feature, you need to enable the PVP from the Settings. 

To do so, go to Settings by clicking on the Gear icon on the left side of your screen.

This will open a settings window where you will find the PVP option.

Click on the “X” icon to enable it. 


Once the PVP is enabled you will be able to attack and get damage from other players in the game. 

Remember, you can only attack players with PVP enabled. 

You can find out by seeing a PVP symbol over the head of the player. 

Unfortunately, you cannot use any aura to attack in PVP mode. 

The auras that can be used in PVP mode are — Archangel, Impeached, and Zeus.

So find one of these auras and use the PVP mode in Sols RNG. 

That’s how you can use PVP in Sols RNG. 

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