Sneaker Resell Simulator Value List (May 2024)

Sneaker Resell Simulator is a popular Roblox game wherein you will have to purchase Sneakers, use them and then resell them for a higher price.

Since this game is all about building your own Sneaker Store to become rich, a lot of players are currently searching for Sneaker Resell Simulator value list.

If you have just started playing this game, make sure to go through our value list because it contains the exact value of every Sneaker available in Sneaker Resell Simulator (SRS).

Besides sharing the exact price of all Sneakers available in SRS, our value includes every Sneaker’s demand and stability.

Before you go through our value list, let me tell you that we update this list whenever a new sneaker is added to the game.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Sneaker Resell Simulator Value List (2024)

Here are all sneakers available in Sneaker Resell Simulator (SRS) and their exact values:

Bodgan’s Value List

Air Bodgan 4 on White240M2/5Dropping
Air Bodgan 3 White Cem120M4/5Stable
Air Bodgan 1 Chicag3.6M3/5Stable
Air Bodgan 4 Black C2.2 M3/5Rising
Air Bodgan 4 Ma Ma7700K3/5Dropping
Air Bodgan 4 Pine Gr5700K3/5Rising
Air Bodgan 1 Low Tre5300K2/5Stable
Air Bodgan 1 Low Fr1M2/5Stable
Air Bodgan 1 Low Bio1M2/5Stable
Air Bodgan 1 High F1M2/5Stable
Air Bodgan 1 High Bi1M2/5Stable
Air Bodgan 4 Metalli700K2/5Stable
Air Bodgan 3 Fire Re650K1/5Stable
Air Bodgan 11 Concor150K1/5Stable
Air Bodgan 1 High Tr1K1/5Stable
Air Bodgan 1 High Ye5001/5Stable

Mike SB’s Value List

Mike SB Dunk Low Lo300M4/5RISING
Mike SB Dunk Low Cre7.2M3/5Stable
Mike SB Dunk Low Cac4.8M2/5Stable
Mike SB Dunk Low Red3.3M2/5Stable
Mike SB Dunk Low Bi3800K2/5Stable
Mike SB Dunk Low Ja3400K3/5Stable
Mike SB Dunk Low Pi2500K3/5Stable
Mike SB Dunk Low Fr1.6M2/5Stable
Mike SB Dunk Low St1.6M3/5Stable
Mike SB Dunk Low Ch1.3M2/5Stable
Mike SB Dunk Why So500K1/5Stable
Mike SB Dunk Low Gre300K5/10Stable
Mike SB Dunk Low AI15K1/5Stable
Mike SB Dunk Low Sup6K1/5Stable
Mike SB Dunk Super B3.5K1/5Stable

Trevor’s Value List

Air Bodgan 1 Low Tre13.5M2/5Stable
Air Bodgan 1 High Tr12M2/5Decreasing
Air Bodgan 4 Trevor S3800K2/5Decreasing
Air Bodgan 1 Low Tre1.9M2/5Stable
Air Bodgan 1 Trevor1M1/5Stable

On White’s Value List

Air Bodgan 1 On Whit150M4/5Decreasing
Air Bodgan 1 On Whi40M3/5Stable
On White Air Force 120.5M2/5Stable
On White Dunk Low Lo950K1/5Stable
On White Black Air F875K1/5Stable
On White Air Force 180K1/5Stable
On White Air Force 170K1/5Stable
On White Dunk Low Pi60K1/5Stable
On White Dunk Low Un60K1/5Stable
On White Air Force 150KNAStable
On White Dunk Low U40K1/5Stable

Grocs Value List

Gold Grocs435M4/5Increasing
KSI Grocs55M3/5Stable
Carrots Grocs27M3/5Stable
Toy Story Grocs800K2/5Stable
7 Eleven Grocs650K3/5Stable
McRonalds Grocs350K2/5Stable
Barbie Grocs200K1/KStable

That’s everything you need to know about Sneaker Resell Simulator value list.

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