Skibidi Tower Defense Value List [Ep 74 Part 2] (June 2024)

Skibidi Tower Defense is one of the most popular Roblox games that has dozens of units to obtain and choose from.

Unlike other Roblox games, the devs are pretty active and they keep adding new units to the game.

Unfortunately, not all units added to Skibidi Tower Defense are equally powerful or weak making it difficult for players to choose the best one.

The best thing about this Roblox game is it lets players obtain the desired unit via TRADING.

When it comes to trading, players must know the value of the unit that they wish to get in Roblox Skibidi Tower Defense.

If you try to get a particular unit without going through our Skibidi Tower Defense value list, you might likely get scammed by other players.

Our Skibidi Tower Defense (STD) trading value list will help you learn the correct and fair values of all units available in the game.

When you go through our value list, the chances of getting scammed by other players will be reduced significantly.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Skibidi Tower Defense Trading Value List (2024)

Before you go through our STD value list, let me tell you the following trading values are subject to change.

We at try our best to mention the names of STD units along with their current trading values.

If there is anything that must be changed or corrected in our value list, do let us know via Comment or Email.

Here are all Skibidi Tower Defense units and their trading values:

Cosmic Unit Value List

Upgraded Titan Computerman70K9STABLE
Evil Secret Agent50K9RISING
Plague Doctor50K9RISING

Exclusive Unit Value List

Microphone Assassin1K7DROPPING
Mercenary Cameraman2K7DROPPING
Gem Titan Cameraman80K7DROPPING
Gem Cameraman5002DROPPING
Ultimate Titan Drillman4K5STABLE
Jetpack Speakerman1002RISING
Large Spotlight Man2K8RISING
Plunger Cameraman8004STABLE
Spider TV9002STABLE
Mace Cameraman1K4RISING

Godly Unit Value List

Titan Computer Woman50K8DROPPING
Titan Clockwoman28K7DROPPING
TItan Ohio Man30K6DROPPING
Nugget Man20K7DROPPING
Evil Titan Clockman50K9DROPPING
Sonar Titan20K8RISING
Upgraded Titan Clockman40K7RISING
Hammer Pencilman17K9DROPPING
Titan Clover Man70K8RISING
Titan Computer Man30K7RISING
Upgraded Titan Cameraman7K8Unstable
Titan Clockman4K4DROPPING
Secret Agent200K10RISING
Ultimate Titan TV Man7K6Unstable

Legendary Unit Value List

Hacker Titan Speakerman2K6Unstable
Hacker Titam Cameraman5K6Unstable
Speaker Plane1.5K5DROPPING
Titan Sunshine Man2k4Unstable
Upgraded Titan Sigmaman2.5K4Unstable
Evil TV Woman6007Unstable
Evil Flamethrower3K7Unstable
Sonar Woman6K6DROPPING
Infected Titan Drillman3K4RISING
Upgraded Titan Speakerman5K7STABLE
Upgraded Spider Camera1K4STABLE
Lucky TV Woman3K4RISING
Drill Assassin3K7RISING
Valentine Titan6K7RISING
Robotic C-Pen2k6DROPPING
Titan Rocket Man5K7DROPPING
Titan Drillman1K2STABLE
Glitch Cameraman1K3STABLE
Large Laser Cameraman2K4STABLE
Golden Cameraman8004STABLE
Titan Cameraman2K4STABLE
Titan Speakerman1.4K7DROPPING
Titan Reaper6K8RISING

Legendary Unit Value List

Turkish Quandale1503STABLE
Group Leader2003STABLE
Evil Speakerman502STABLE
Camcorder Man2003STABLE
Shamrock Speakerman4003STABLE
Valentine Man1403STABLE
Summoner Pencilman2004STABLE
Evil Scientist Cameraman3KNASTABLE
Infected Speakerman1802STABLE
Healer TV Woman50NANA
Drill Woman1506STABLE
Flame Thrower102STABLE
Clock Woman102STABLE
Speaker Woman102STABLE
Dark Speaker Man102STABLE
Spider Camera102STABLE
Camera Helicopter102STABLE
Bazooka Man102STABLE
Scientist Cameraman505STABLE
Acid Gunner102STABLE

That’s all you need to know about Skibidi Tower Defense value list.

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