How to Use Warp In Shinobi Lineage (2024)

Want to use Warp in Shinobi Lineage but don’t know how to use it? If your answer is YES, you are in the right place. 

In most Roblox games, players use the Teleportion to switch or teleport to different maps and locations in no time. 

Just like that Shinobi Lineage also has a technique called Warp. This will allow players to travel to different locations within a fraction of a second. 

Unfortunately, some Shinobi Lineage players are having a hard time using Warp and end up getting dead when trying to reach the desired destination. 

If you are one of those players and your character dies every time you try to use Warp, don’t worry, this guide has you covered.

Without any further ado, let’s get started: 

Using Warp in Shinobi Lineage

Before we teach you how to use Warp in Shinobi Lineage, let me tell you that the word WARP originated from the spell Gate from Rogue Lineage.

To use Warp in Shinobi Lineage, you need to cast the warp in exact percentage otherwise, you will end up dying and losing your character. 

The safe casting percentage is around 70% to 85%.

To find the percentage you can hover over the mana bar on the left to see what percentage it’s at. 

Shinobi Lineage warp guide

Once it reaches the safer percentage, use the warp to avoid dying. 

If you don’t want to hover every time then you can open the PIN bar by pressing Shift + F3 and check if the level is around the replicator line or the request Q size area.

If the red bar is in between these two lines, it is safe to use the Warp. 

Another thing you can do is press F to hold the Mana Sheild to make your mana go down slowly so that you can get the exact percentage. 

This is helpful for new players. Once you get used to it, you won’t need to do all these things. 

You can just see the mana bar and warp correctly. 

That’s how you can use Warp in Shinobi Lineage.

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