Shinobi Lineage Trello Link & Discord Server (2024)

Shinobi Lineage is a newly launched Roblox game wherein you will have to encounter multiple islands, defeat bosses, and obtain items.

Since it has plenty of clans and classes, a lot of players wondering which one is the best and how many clans or classes are available in the game.

If you have just started playing this game and don’t know which clan to equip in Shinobi Lineage then you refer to our tier list.

When you go through our tier list, you will learn about the best and worst clans in Shinobi Lineage.

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Since our tier list does not have enough information about clans, many wish to refer to its official Trello.

If you are here to get the Shinobi Lineage Trello, don’t worry because we got you covered.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

What is Shinobi Lineage Trello?

Shinobi Lineage Trello is a page or website like Wiki that has all the information you need related to the game.

Instead of watching a beginner guide on YouTube, you can refer to the Trello page of Shinobi Lineage.

When you go through Shinobi Lineage’s Trello, you will get information like clan, class, race, and more.

Since the game has just been released, many are having trouble finding the Shinobi Lineage Trello.

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With that in mind, we created a post sharing a link to Shinobi Lineage Trello. You can access Trello by clicking on the below link.

Is There Any Shinobi Lineage Discord Server?

Yes, there is an official Discord server for Shinobi Lineage. If you have not joined its Discord server yet, click on the following link and join it now.

Like other Roblox games, the devs have a community on Discord where they keep their fans updated.

Besides getting official information on Discord, you can find like-minded players on Discord to play Shinobi Lineage.

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