How to Get Rich Fast In Shinobi Lineage (2024)

Do you want to get rich fast in Shinobi Lineage? If your answer is YES, you are in the right place. 

Shinobi Lineage is a user-generated Roblox game inspired by a very popular Japanese amine Naruto. 

Like a real anime series, players visit different villages, learn new abilities, upgrade weapons, earn money, and more. 

Because in-game money or currency is important to purchase items and upgrade characters or weapons, players are looking for ways to earn more money. 

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There are different ways to earn money in the Shinobi Lineage. You can either complete missions and receive money as a reward or collect items and sell them to get money. 

However, if you are here looking to get Rich Fast in Shinobi Lineage, look no further because we got you covered.  

Without any further ado, let’s get started: 

Making Money Fast In Shinobi Lineage

One of the easiest and fastest ways to earn money in Shinobi Lineage is by farming the Trinkets. 

There are several locations in the game where you can find a good amount of Trinkets. Collect them and sell them to get money in return. 

After doing some research, we have found some locations where you can find the Trinkets. 

Rotation 1 – Forest 1 

You can start by warping to the Rotation 1 – Forest 1. 

This is the forest village area where you can find the number of Trinkets that you can collect. 

So, go to this location and collect Trinckets inside and outside the tents. 

Shinobi Lineage Money Guide

Here, you will find a bunch of stuff, collect it, and then move to another location. 

The reason why we chose this area first is because in this location Trinkets spawn a lot. 

Once you are done collecting all the trinkets, you can go straight and climb up the hill. There, you will see some buildings. 

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Shinobi Lineage Money Guide

There, you will find trinkets inside the houses. You can find a bunch of gems as well that you can use to enchant your weapon in Stone Village. 

Round 2 – Tundra 5 

Round 2- Tundra 5 will take you to Mount Gelu which is a banking location where players will store stuff and another best Trinket farming spot. 

Shinobi Lineage Money Guide

Once you are done collecting trinkets from the first location, you can warp to this location. 

After reaching this location, go inside and cross the huge room. 

Here you can find another room where Trinkets spawn on the bench.

Shinobi Lineage Money Guide

Collect all of them and move to another side of the room and collect Trinkets from there as well.

After that, go right and you will see the room with benches arranged in rows just like a temple. 

Move around and you will find trinkets on these benches. 

Shinobi Lineage Money Guide

Now, go back to the previous room and this time go to the left exit of the room.

Go straight until you find the Tower of Doom. 

Go inside and take the stairs to the next floor where you can find Trinkets on the table and bench. 

Shinobi Lineage Money Guide

Rotation 3 – Desert 4 

The third and final trinket farming spot is Rotation 3 – Desert 4. 

Once you warp to this location you will find Trinkets everywhere. 

Move around the map and collect all the Trinkets. 

Shinobi Lineage Money Guide

Once you finish collecting the Trinkets from the ground floor, go upstairs and you will find the bunch of trinkets.

Collect them all and sell them to earn money. 

That’s how you can get Rich Fast in Shinobi Lineage. 

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