Shinobi Lineage Clan Tier List (July 2024) – Release Update

Shinobi Lineage is a newly released Roblox game wherein you will have to explore numerous landscapes, encounter ready bosses, and conquer villages.

Besides these things, numerous abilities in the Shinobi Lineage must be unlocked.

To get those abilities unlocked, you must have a powerful clan unlocked. Like Shindo Life, Shinobi Lineage has a bunch of clans and each clan has a separate ability or importance.

Since each clan is different from another clan, a lot of Shinobi Lineage players are wondering which clan to use or equip now.

If you have just started playing Shinobi Lineage and are wondering which clan to use right now, don’t worry because we got you covered.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Shinobi Lineage Tier List (2024) – All Clans Ranked

Keeping players’ queries in mind, we created a Shinobi Lineage tier list ranking all clans available in the game into multiple tiers.

Before you go through our tier list, let me tell you that not all clans are equally powerful or weak.

After playing for hours, we created this tier list. Since our clan tier list is based on our personal experience, you might likely disagree with our ranking.

Since the game has just been released, we might also make changes to the following Shinobi Lineage tier list.

To get the updated tier list, bookmark and visit this page daily because we will update it when a new clan is added.

Here are all clans available in the Shinobi Lineage and their rankings:

S Tier

  • Otsusuki

A Tier

  • Uchiha
  • Uzumaki

B Tier

  • Hyuga
  • Rai
  • Karatachi

C Tier

  • Miyajima
  • Oribe
  • Kazesuna

D Tier

  • Hoshigaki
  • Yuki

That’s everything you need to know about the Shinobi Lineage clan tier list.

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