Roblox Locked Weapon & Trait Tier List [UPDATE 2] (July 2024)

Roblox Locked is inspired by the popular manga and anime series Blue Lock. Players can play the anime game of soccer and also customize their characters.

But to gain an edge in the game, you will need some high-end weapons and traits. In this tier list, we have shared all the best weapons and traits available in Locked.

Weapons play an important role on the field to score in the game. In LOCKED, they are divided into three types as per their use — Active, Passive, and Situational.

Notably, our tier list is not permanent but it will surely help you choose the best weapons in Locked.

To know which weapons sit in S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, and C Tier. To learn the name and ranking of every Locked weapon, keep on reading.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:    

Roblox Locked Weapon Tier List (2024)

In this Roblox Locked Weapons Tier List, weapons are ranked from S-Tier to C-Tier, and players can select as per their needs and demands.


These are the best and a must-have weapons in Locked:

  • Planetary (Unique) — It supports weapons that can teleport the user to the ball so that he can kick it back to the previous passer.
  • CopyCat (Exotic) — It can steal other players’ weapons for one turn. 
  • Godspeed (Unique)  — Launches the user forward to snatch the ball.  
  • Watch Tower (Exotic) — It can drop a watch tower to give a buff to allied players.  
  •  Serpent (Unique) — It can summon a snake to clear the ball.  
  • King (Unique) — It allows 3 random but consecutive hits across the field. 


Great alternatives to S-Tier as they are strong and can hold their own.

  • Formless(Unique) — It can hit the ball in the opposite direction from the shooter. 
  • Monster(Legendary) — It forwards and even overtakes other players.  
  • Emperor( Unique) — It has a huge kick and also a power boost. 
  • Leader(Common) — It can use screams to refill the stamina of teammates.
  • Nagi(Legendary) — It can trap the ball in the air and let it fall slowly for a shot.  
  • Speedster(Legendary) — It is used by short players they get a 30% speed increase for 20 seconds.
  • Kunigami(Exotic) — It can perform powerful shots from any part of the field.  
  • Direct Shot(Common) — It can perform a strong shot in the box if the ball comes from an allied player. 


Average but still useful in certain circumstances.  

  • Web (Rare) — It forces an opponent to walk on being activated near them.
  • Sword Screw (Legendary) — It can send the ball downwards and it spins and changes trajectory towards the direction the player faced before initiating the weapon.  
  • Iron Head (Common) — headers are quite powerful   
  • Snatch ( Rare) — Keepers get a 50% chance to catch the ball while diving. 
  • Voracious (Exotic) — It can exchange 15% stamina to get up faster from slides and ankle breaks.  
  • Riptide (Legendary) — Depending on the player’s angle it can curve the shot left or right.


The weakest currently avoids it if possible.  

  • Neurotic (Rare) — Users experience a second of a long frenzy.
  • Shadow( Exotic) — It has small movement with increasing speed.
  • Acrobatic (Legendary) — Scorpion Kick to block the ball. 
  • Repel (Rare) — The Blocked balls are sent far from the net. 
  • Long Legs (Common)  — It has an Increased hitbox after an M2.

Weapons Divided by Rarity

  • Unique – 1%
  • Legendary – 5%
  • Exotic – 10%
  • Rare – 30%
  • Common – 55%

LOCKED Traits Tier List (2024)

Here are all traits available in Locked and their rankings:


  • Predator Eye (Unique)
  • Athlete(Exotic)  
  • Puppeteer(Unique)  


  • Golden Zone(Legendary) 
  • Fortune(Exotic)  
  • Bunnys(Exotic)  
  • Tireless( Exotic) 
  • Long Strides(Rare)  
  • No Look(Exotic) 
  • Egoist(Legendary)  
  • Meta-Vision (Legendary)


  • Surf(Rare)  
  • Quick (Draw)
  • Tank( Rare)  
  • Claw(Exotic)
  • Diver( Exotic)
  • Ambidextrous( Legendary)  
  • Unbreakable( Exotic)
  • Ripper(Exotic)  


  • Powerhouse ( Rare)  
  • Consistent( Exotic)  
  • Heavy(Rare)  
  • Clamps(Rare)  


  • Dwarf (Common)  
  • Tired (Common)  
  • Lazy (Common) 
  • Weak (Common)  

That’s everything you need to know about Locked weapons and traits tier list.

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