Roblox Islands Value List (May 2024)

Islands is a popular Roblox game that has you building your Island, creating huge farms, raising animals, selling items, and earning money.

Besides these things, Roblox Islands does have plenty of bosses and monsters to loot. When you do so, you will get plenty of rewards.

There is no denying that this Roblox game has many items to obtain but not all can be obtained by completing quests or looting monsters.

To get the required materials in the Roblox Islands, many use the trading options in the Roblox Islands. If you also want to get a certain item via trading in the Islands, go through its trading value list.

In our Roblox Islands value list, we mentioned the names of all items available in the game along with their exact value.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Roblox Islands Trading Value Tier List (2024)

Whenever you trade items in Roblox Islands, you will be asked to make an offer. If you know the value of the item you wish to get, you will make the right offer.

If you trade items in Roblox Islands without going through our value list, chances are high that you will get scammed by traders.

To avoid any kind of loss, don’t forget to check our value list. Notably, we update our value list whenever a new item is added to the game.

Here’s a full list of Roblox Islands items and their exact values:

Red Bronze Refinery35 Million
Steel Press30 Million
Rage Blade Blueprint25 Million
Rage Blade10 Million
Purple Firefly10 Million
Gearbox10 Million
Plate Factory Mould10 Million
Rod Factory Mould8 Million
Industrial Smelter2 Million
Still Plate1.25 Million
Steel Mill1.25 Million
Industrial Washer1.5 Million
Gilded Steel Hammer1 Million
Propeller1 Million
Copper Press1 Million
Medium Fish Tank1 Million
Drill1 Million
Witch Trophy6 Million
Pink Sticky Gear750K
Fish Tank Castle Blueprint600K
Fish Tank Anchor Blueprint600K
Fish Tank Shipwreck Blueprint600K
Fish Tank Treasure Chest Blueprint600K
Buffalkor Crystal500K
Gilded Steel Axe500K
Small FIsh Tank500K
Aquamarine Sword400K
Crystallized Aquamarine375K
Fish Tank Treasure Chest Blueprint250K
Artefact Bow250K
Ruby Skorp Stinger250K
Iron War Axe250K
Golden Skorp Claw250K
Test Blueprint200K
Industrial Sawmill200K
Tidal Blueprint200K
Food Processor200K
Gilded Steel Pickaxe200K
Vamp Bow Blueprint200K
Vending Machine200K
Crystallized Gold185K
Iron Crystallized Iron150K
Red Bronze Ingot150K
Formula 86150K
Copper Plate130K
Industrial Oven150K
Copper Rod150K
Workbench Tier 3125K
Basic Sprinkler100K
Green, Red, or Blue Page100K
Vamp Bow100K
Tidal Spellbook100K
Fish Tank Anchor100K
Fish Tank Castle100K
Fish Tank Shipwreck100K
Starfruit Seed100K
Blue Firefly100K
Purple, Orange and Green Disks100K
Test Totem100K
Obby Leaderboard100K
Jukebox Disk (Yellow, Blue, Red)75K
Gilded Steel Rod60K
Obby Flags60K
Slime Island Key50K
Ancient Slime String50K
Desert Island Key50K
Red Firefly50K
Honey Press50K
Copper Bolt50K
Steel Rod40K
Industrial CHest30K
Blue Sticky Gear30K
Still Bolt25K
Milk Bucket25K
Weapon Stand20K
Jack O’ Lantern20K
Bee Jar20K
Green Firefly20K
Pumpkin Seeds20K
Yellow Firefly10K
Honey Jar10K
Obby Kit10K
Berry Seed10K
Wizard Island Key7K
Honey Block6K
Green Sticky Gear5K
Buffalkor Island Key5K
Flower Seeds5K
Steel Ingot4K
Copper Ingots3K
Ruby Skorp Scale1.5K
Copper Ore1K
Iron Island Key0.5K
Water Catch0.5K

That’s all you need to know about Roblox Islands value list.

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