Pet Simulator 99: How to Get Castle Key (2024)

Pet Simulator 99 has finally been released on Roblox and as expected, it has left tons of players scratching for their heads.

There are plenty of items in Pet Sim 99 that players will have to obtain, collect and discover.

One of them is Castle key. Unlike Diamonds, Coins and Gold Bars, you simply can’t obtain the Castle key in PS99.

Since the process of obtaining the Castle Key is a bit different, a lot of players are having a hard time getting it in the game.

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If you are one of those players then don’t worry, our step by step guide explain help you get the Castle Key in PS99.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Pet Simulator 99 Castle Key Location (2024)

To get the Castle Key in Pet Sim 99, you need to play it for a few hours because it can only be obtained after reching Area 25.

After unlocking the area 25, you will have to rebirth in Pet Sim 99. When you rebirth in PS99, you will get a bunch of rewards including the Castle Key.

Notably, this is the only way to obtain the Castle Key in Pet Simulator 99. As soon as you get the Castle Key by rebirthing in PS 99, head back to the Area 4 and then unlock the Castle.

When you unlock the castle in PS99, you will get plenty of other rewards. When you successfully rebirth in Pet Sim 99, you will get other rewards like 75% increase in Pet Strength, Teleport ability, Trading Plaza Access and more.

If you are still having trouble getting the Castle Key and rebirthing in PS 99, make sure to watch the following YouTube video.

That’s all you need to know about how to get the Castle Key in Pet Sim 99.

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