Project Slayers Value List [Update 1.5] (June 2024)

Project Slayers is undoubtedly one of the most popular Demon Slayer games on Roblox. Irrespective of whether you play as a Demon or Slayer, you must struggle a lot to reach the Max level.

There are plenty of quests or missions in Project Slayers that can’t be completed easily. To do so, you need a lot of important items such as Katana, Weapons, Materials, Haories, and more.

The best thing about this Demon Slayer game is it allows users to obtain items via TRADING Ores and Pacifier.

Regardless of which item you wish to get, you must know the value of that item. If you try to get that item without knowing the price, you are most likely to get scammed by other players.

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There is no denying that some items are pretty expensive in Project Slayers but many can be obtained by simply exchanging 1 Ore or More.

With that in mind, we created a Project Slayers value list. In this list, we mentioned the current price of all items available in Project Slayers.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Project Slayers Trading Value List (2024)

Here are all the items available in Project Slayers along with their current trading values:


Green Katana1 Ore per 60 KatanasCommon
Golden Katana1 Ore per 30 KatanasRare
Water Katana1 Ore per 4 KatanasRare
Giyu’s Water Katana1 Ore per 4 KatanasRare
Lightning Katana1 Ore per 4 KatanasRare
Wind Katana1 Ore per 4 KatanasRare
Butterfly Katana3 OresMythic
Cloud Katana3 OresMythic
Flame Katana1 OreMythic
Insect Katana1 OreMythic
Mist Katana1 OreMythic
Snow Katanas3 OresMythic
Sound Katanas10 OresMythic
Thundercloud Katana3 OresMythic
Tornadic Katana3 OresMythic
Volcanic Katana3 OresMythic
Waterfall Katana2 OresMythic
Beast Katanas3 OresMythic
Tier O Polar Katana20 OresPolar
Tier 1 Polar Katana140 OresPolar
Tier 2 Polar Katana250 OresPolar
Tier 3 Polar Katana500 OresPolar
Tier 0 Devourer Katana20 OresDevourer
Tier 1 Devourer Katana200 OresDevourer
Tier 2 Devourer Katana500 OresDevourer
Tier 3 Devourer Katana900 OresDevourer

Demon Weapons

Scythe1 OreMythic
Metal Scythe2 OresMythic
Skull Scythe5 OresMythic
War Fans6 OresMythic
Claws3 OresMythic
Skull Claws3 OresMythic
Bone Claws3 OresMythic
Tier O Polar Scythe25 OresPolar
Tier 1 Polar Scythe180 OresPolar
Tier 2 Polar Scythe300 OresPolar
Tier 3 Polar Scythe500 OresPolar
Tier 0 Polar Fans25 OresPolar
Tier 0 Polar Fans25 OresPolar
Tier 1 Polar Fans180 OresPolar
Tier 2 Polar Fans300 OresPolar
Tier 3 Polar Fans500 OresPolar
Tier 0 Devourer Scythe25 OresDevourer
Tier 1 Devourer Scythe200 OresDevourer
Tier 2 Devourer Scythe450 OresDevourer
Tier 3 Devourer Scythe800 OresDevourer
Tier 0 Devourer Fans20 OresDevourer
Tier 1 Devourer Fans200 OresDevourer
Tier 2 Devourer Fans450 OresDevourer
Tier 3 Devourer Fans900 OresDevourer


Straw Hat5 OresMythic
Black Bamboo Amigasa2 OresMythic
Samurai Maiden’s Amigasa150 OresSupreme
Nezuko’s Bamboo Pacifier1 OreCommon
Akuma Kurenza Mask1 OreRare
Bandaged Blindfold1 OreRare
Blue Fox Mask1 OreRare
Fawx Max1 OreRare
Flower Fox Mask1 OreRare
Fox King Mask1 OreRare
Foxie Mask1 OreRare
Purple Fox Max1 OreRare
Boar Head1 OreRare
Dark Smoke Visor1 OreRare
Fox Mask1 OreRare
Gem Stone Eyepatch1 OreRare
Ominous Blindfold1 OreRare
Orenjibisuto Mask1 OreRare
Panther Mask1 OreRare
Sabito’s Mask1 OreRare
Stylish Mask1 OreRare
Tactical Black Headband1 OreRare
Banigaru Mask2 OresMythic
Hiretsuna Kitsune Mask2 OresMythic
Tigress Warding Mask3 OresMythic
Tonakai Keikai Mask3 OresMythic
Yatagarasu Mask5 OresMythic
Champion Mask900 OresChampion
Polar Mask10 OresPolar
Devourer Mask10 OresDevourer
Urokodaki’s Mask3 OresRobux


Black Caped Scarf1 OreRare
Black Hooded Scarf1 OreRare
Brown Scarf1 OreRare
Red Scarf2 OresRare
Striped Green Scarf1 OreRare
White Scarf1 OreRare
Uncertained Times Scarf1 OreMythic
Vigilante Scarf1 OreMythic
Champion Scarf1600 OresChampion


Arrow Necklace1 OreDemon
Blood Necklace1 OreDemon
Dream Necklace1 OreDemon
Reaper Necklace1 OreDemon
Shockwave Necklace1 OreDemon
Swamp Necklace1 OreDemon
Tamari Necklace1 OreDemon
Beast Necklace1 OreSlayer
Butterfly Necklace1 OreSlayer
Flame Necklace1 OreSlayer
Mist Necklace1 OreSlayer
Thunder Necklace1 OreSlayer
Water Necklace1 OreSlayer
Wind Necklace1 OreSlayer
Champion Necklace1500 OresOther
Kesshoseki Necklace1 OreOther
Rusty Necklace1 OreOther
Riyaku Necklace1 OreOther


Akaza Top100 OresSupreme
Douma Top5 OresSupreme
Enmu Top70 OresSupreme
Polar Top5 OresPolar
Devourer Top100 OresDevourer


Inosuke Bottom1 OreRare
Akaza Bottom100 OresSupreme
Douma Bottom5 OresSupreme
Enmu Bottom100 OresSupreme
Polar Bottoms5 OresPolar
Devourer Bottom55 OresDevourer


Black Lily Haorie1 OreRare
Black Spider Haorie1 OreRare
Dark Green Haorie1 OreRare
Giyu Haorie1 OreRare
Green Vine Haorie1 OreRare
Olive Green Flower Haorie1 OreRare
Purple Flower Haorie1 OreRare
Sakura Haorie1 OreRare
Shadow Haorie1 OreRare
Shinobu Haorie1 OreRare
Sleeveless Dragon Haorie1 OreRare
Snow Haorie1 OreRare
Stylish Haorie1 OreRare
Tanjiro Haorie1 OreRare
Yellow Haorie1 OreRare
Zenitsu Haorie1 OreRare
Akai Kumo Haorie1 OreMythic
Boroboro Haorie1 OreMythic
Ichimatsu1 OreMythic
Haorie1 OreMythic
Kanden Shi Haorie1 OreMythic
Murasakiiro Sutoraipu Haorie1 OreMythic
Tokosen Haorie1 OreMythic
Champion Haorie700 OresChampion
Rengoku Haorie40 OresRobux


Stone Pillar Uniform1 OreRare
Purple Uniform1 OreRare
Feminine Uniform1 OreRare
Wind Pillar Uniform1 OreRare
Tengen Uniform30 OresRare


Box Lantern1 OreRare
Lantern1 OreRare
Old Lantern1 OreRare
Lantern Of Despair1 OreMythic
Lantern of Everlasting Glow1 OreMythic


Blue Spider Lily1 OreRare
Blood1 OreRare
Demon Horn1 OreRare
Ouwfash1 OreFish
Ouwfwesh1 OreFish
Ouwfish1 OreFish
Blood Stained Ingot1 OreMythic
Frigid Metal1 OreMythic
Frost Touched Cloth1 OreMythic
Living Flesh20 OresMythic
Orbed Glacier10 OresMythic
Ore1 OreMythic
Skinned Hide1 OreMythic


Health Elixir1 OreRare
Health Regan Elixir1 OreRare
Stamina Elixir1 OreRare
Jumbo Health Elixir1 OreRare
Jumbo Health Regen Elixir1 OreRare
Jumbo Stamina Elixir1 OreRare
Muzan’s Blood3 OresMythic
Breath Reset Elixir3 OresMythic
Clan Spins Elixir3 OresMythic
Demon Spins Elixir3 OresMythic
Devourer Elixir3 OresMythic
Mastery Buff Elixir3 OresMythic
Polar Elixir3 OresMythic
Race Reset Elixir3 OresMythic


Bandage1 OreCommon
Wen1 OreCommon
Bamboo Fishing Rod1 OreRare
Fishing Rod1 OreRare
Mugen Train Ticket1 OreRare
Winter Coat1 OreRare
Sealed Box40 OresRobux

NOTE: The value of all Project Slayers items is not permanent and is most likely to be changed in the future.

To get the latest trading value list, bookmark and visit this page daily because we update it whenever a new update is out.

That’s all you need to know about Project Slayers value list.

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