Roblox Pig 64: How To Unlock The Vault Code (2024)

Roblox Pig 64 was developed by MiniToon in collaboration with DerpyDervee. The game is all about exploring maps and unraveling secrets as you try to escape the antagonist. 

You need to find your way through the enemies and the traps and go on to unlock codes, earn badges, and more on completing certain tasks.

In this guide, we will share with you how to unlock the Vault Code in Roblox Pig 64. To learn the entire process, keep on reading.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Unlocking The Vault Code in Pig 64

Here is all you need to know about how to unlock the Vault Code in Roblox Pig 64. 

  • To unlock the Vault Code in Roblox 64, you need to have the Key Master Badge. 
  • Once you have that, pull all four levers in the Mall Map. 
  • You will then be granted access to the vault. 
  • The moment you enter the vault, roll the dice four times, the last number that shows up on each dice roll is the number of the code. 

So all you need to do is be on the Arcade map and find these dice and the number on the dice should be the code on how to unlock the Vault Code

How To Unlock Key Master Badge

Follow the steps shared below to unlock the Key Master Badge in Pig 64:

  • The first step is to select the Mall map on Bot mode in Pig 64.
  • Progress through the game until you reach the Piggy-Jailbreak Collaboration. 
  • Avoid the lasers and activate the Robby prototype bot. 
  • Plan your escape route earlier as the BOT will turn hostile.   
  • Unlock the gun using the Purple Key and shoot the bot. 
  • You can find the gun inside a safe that unlocks with a purple key. 
  • Pick up the Chip the Robot drops and finish the map through the escape route. 
  • Go to the plant map and open the orange and green line rooms with keycards.
  •  Pick a non-blue key from either room and enter the Green Room. 
  • Avoid the patrolling bot or it will be a game over.
  • Use a nonblue key on the blue door in the green room and create a Glitched Key. 
  • Pick up the key and leave the Green Room.
  • Go to the Orange Room and insert the Glitched Key  to open all 5 pillars
  • Put down the Glitched Key but as you will need it again keep it within eyesight and return to the green room. 
  •  Inside the Green Room, find a Special Chip and go to the central pillar in the Orange Room.
  • Insert the Chip into the computer here.

As soon as the computer says Transfer Ready, pick up the Glitched Ke and place it inside the cylinder beside the PC. 

This step will open a Teleportation Portal, finishing the quest and you will get the Secret Key Master Badge.

That’s all you need to know to unlock The VAULT CODE In Roblox Pig 64

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