How to Get All PIG 64 Badges (2024)

Do you want to get all badges in PIG 64? If your answer is YES, look no further as we got you covered. 

In PIG 64, players select different farm characters and explore the vast world. Like other games, players have numerous items to collect, missions or quests to complete, and badges to achieve.

Since badges play an important role in Pig 64, we will only talk about badges here. Irrespective of what you badge you wish to unlock in Pig 64, you can learn the process here.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Unlocking All Badges In PIG 64 (2024)

Here are all the badges that you can get in PIG 64 and how to unlock them. 

Choo Choo! Badge 

The first badge on our list is a Choo Choo! Badge. To unlock and get this badge in PIG 64, you need to access the Subway City. 

To do so, go to the teleport door and submit all items requires to go to the Subway City. 

This badge has a moderate rarity of 44.9%.

Ready Up! Badge

The next Badge is the Ready Up! badge. You can get this badge from the Arcade Mall. 

To unlock this badge, teleport to the arcade mall and complete the quest. When you do so, you will have this badge achieved. Notably, it has a 25.3% chance to get it. 

Working Hard or Hardly Working! Badge 

Working Hard or Hardly Working! badge is impossible to unlock right now because it shows the infinite game currency to unlock it. 

You might be able to get this badge in the future when developers update the game and show you the correct number of currencies or items to unlock this badge. 

Getting Out the House! Badge 

This badge is super easy to unlock, all you need to do is chat with any player on the server. When you do so, you will receive this badge. 

There is an 83.5% chance of getting this badge in the PIG 64 game. 

Extrovert! Badge 

The process of unlocking the Extrovert! badge is similar to the Getting Out the House! badge but to get this badge you need to chat with 10 players in the game. 

All you need to do is continuously send messages in the server chat and you will get this badge while completing other quests or missions you don’t need to do anything specific. 

Okay Now Be Quiet! Badge 

The Okay now be quiet badge is also similar but this time you have to chat with 25 people in the game. 

Once you get both these badges, continue talking to other players in the game and you will receive this badge when you finish talking to 25 players. 

The “Okay now be quiet!” badge is a little bit hard to get because players are not much interested in talking to other players while playing the game. 

This badge has a 15.4% rarity.

Pile of Sticks! Badge

To get the Pile of Sticks! badge in Pig 64, you need to collect all the sticks spawn in the lobby. 

These sticks will spawn at different locations on the map so you have to explore the map and collect all the sticks. 

Thief! And Pro! Badge 

Similar to Pile of Sticks! badge, you can get the Thief and Pro badges by collecting items in the game. 

To unlock the Thief badge in PIG 64, you need to collect all Wallets and to unlock the Pro badge, you need to collect all Tickets. 

These badges are challenging to get and have 25% and 28% rarity, respectively.  

Collector or Hoarder Badge 

To get a Collector or Hoarder badge, you need to collect every collectible on the map. 

You need to explore every corner of the map and collect everything you find. 

Once you finish collecting all the collectables, you will receive a Collector or Hoarder badge. 

How to Get Secret Badges in PIG 64

Apart from the badges mentioned above, PIG 64 has some Secret Badges that you can get as well. 

Here are all the Secret badges and how you can get them: 

Keymaster Badge 

To get the Keymaster badge in PIG 64, you need to reach the end of Chapter 10 in the game. 

To do so, you need to keep playing while facing challenges and performing different tasks. 

Once you reach the end of Chapter 10, you will receive a Keymaster badge. 

This badge is challenging to unlock and has a 21.8% rarity. 

Potato Pout Badge 

To get the Potato Pout badge, you need to open the door with a glitch key. 

First, interact with Potato and head to the next area. 

Once you are in the next area, the next thing you need to do is activate 4 levers. 

After that, you will see a locked door. To unlock that door, you need to find codes and enter them to unlock the door. 

For the locations of the levers and codes, please watch videos on YouTube.

When you get inside that door, you will find a mouse, talk to him, follow the instructions, and find the image. 

Once you find the image, go back and show it to Potato and you will receive the Potato Pout badge. 

That’s how you can obtain or unlock all badges in Roblox Pig 64.

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