Roblox My Restaurant Value List (June 2024)

My Restaurant is one of Roblox’s most visited games with around 800 Million visitors by May 2024.

Unlike other Roblox games, the concept and theme are pretty different. Here, you need to build and run your Restaurant.

Like real life, you must hire staff, upgrade appliances, and purchase floors based on your requirements in My Restaurant.

Irrespective of what you do, you must pay a price. Since money plays a vital role in this game, make sure to spend wisely.

Before you purchase anything in Roblox My Restaurant, you must know the value of the Appliances, Furniture, or Decor you are going to buy.

If you purchase anything without knowing the actual price of the item, chances are high that you will get scammed by other users.

With that in mind, we discovered a My Restaurant value list, which was created by Value Vault X.

Unlike other value lists, this value list is updated frequently. If you want to take a look at the updated My Restaurant value list, visit their official website —

When you visit their website, you can easily search for an item to know the exact value of it.

Besides sharing the price of every item, their website has a section showing the demand for that particular item.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

My Restaurant Trading Value List (2024)

To make your work easier, we mentioned the price of all Appliances, Furniture, and Decor available in My Restaurant separately.

Appliances Value List

Inverted Tip Jar120K
Big Tip Jar60K
Balloon Machine300K
Candy Bowl40K
Candy Machine50K
Coffee Machine650K
Desert Bar50K
Energy Drink3.2 Million
Golden Tip Jar50K
Hyper Ice Cream500K
Order Stand2.8 Million
Hyper Tip Jar100K
Infernus Head100K
Infernus Vase70K
Inverted Bank150K
Lux Silverware550K
Ocean Washer4K
Ocean Stove6K
Popcorn Machine25K
Ruby Dishwasher35K
Ruby Stove50K
SnowGlobe Tip Jar400K
Soda Machine55K
Tiki Dishwasher2K
Tiki Stove3K
Tip Jar10K
Volcano Washer200K
Volcano Stove300K

Furniture Value List

Wave Set8K
Superhero Set4K
Santa’s Sleigh100K
Royal Table150K
Royal Chair175K
Pirate Set2K
Jungle Set4K
Inverted Table900K
Inverted Chair1.5 Million
Gamer Set3K
Dominus Table850K
Dominus Chair1.5 Million
Divine TableNA
Divine ChairNA
Corrupted Table340K
Corrupted Chair350K
Cane Table1.1 Million
Cane Chair1.85 Million
Amethyst Set5K
Alien Set3K

Decor Value List

Golden Cookies60K
Party Jetski1 Million
Money Hedge80K
Moai Statue1 Million
Melted Popsicle3.9 Million
Crash Cactus120K
Luxury Sign50K
Lighting Tile650K
Level 999 Trophy10 Million
Jetski1.1 Million
Inverted Well2.1 Million
Infernus Relic2.8 Million
Haunted Well85K
Haunted Statue425K
Haunted Coffin50K
Gold XMas Tree3.1 Million
Golden Fireworks1.7 Million
Gold Sombrero4.5 Million
Gold Play Button70K
Ginger Well4 Million
Giant Cane1.7 Million
Eternal Statue100K
Disco Ball30K
Diamond Button45K
Christmas Tree500K
Black Hole150K
Big Heart Tile50K
Arcade Machine25K
Alter Ego250K
4th July Balloon250K

That’s everything you need to know about Roblox My Restaurant value list.

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