Murderers vs Sheriffs Duels (MVSD) Value List (May 2024)

Murderers Vs Sheriffs Duels (MVSD) is a massively popular game on Roblox. Like Da Hood and other Roblox games, it has numerous guns and knife skins to obtain.

There are multiple options to obtain skins or items in MVSD but what people use the most is TRADING.

Whenever a Roblox game allows users to trade items, people search for that game’s value list to avoid getting scammed by traders by asking or demanding a huge price.

The same thing is happening with Murderers Vs Sheriffs Duels players. Since the devs of this game keep adding new skins, most players don’t know the actual price of every skin.

With that in mind, we created a value list mentioning the exact value of every MVSD item or skin.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Murderers vs Sheriffs Duels MVSD Trading Values List (2024)

If you don’t want to get scammed via trading in MVSD, go through our value list and offer or pay the price shown here.

When you do so, chances are very low to get scammed through trading. Notably, the value of MVSD skins keeps changing.

If you want to get the updated or latest MVSD value list, bookmark and visit this post daily because we update it whenever a new update is out.

Here are all MVSD items or skins and their values:

Legendary Item Value List

2b Gun20KMediumStableLegendary
Bat Scythe Knife35KMediumStableLegendary
Black Dragonfire Gun140KVery HighFluctuatingLegendary
Black Dragonfire Knife120KVery HighFluctuatingLegendary
Blue Dragonfire Gun140KHighFluctuatingLegendary
Blue Wilbow Gun130KHighStableLegendary
Blue Wilow Knife105KHighStableLegendary
Dragon Breathe Knife20KMediumStableLegendary
Frostbite Gun180KMediumFluctuatingLegendary
Frostbite Knife55KMediumFluctuatingLegendary
Green Ornament Gun60KLowDecliningLegendary
Green Ornament Knife60KLowDecliningLegendary
Green Peppermint Gun85KMediumFluctuatingLegendary
Green Peppermint Knife75KMediumFluctuatingLegendary
Green Strife Gun135KHighStableLegendary

Ultra Rare Value List

Angelic GunNANAFluctuatingUltra Rare
Angelic KnifeNANAFluctuatingUltra Rare
Bejeweled Knife2KLowStableUltra Rare
Bouquet GunNANAFluctuatingUltra Rare
Bouquet KnifeNANAFluctuatingUltra Rare
Deer Gun8KLowNAUltra Rare
Ginger Gun10KLowStableUltra Rare
Ginger Knife10KLowNAUltra Rare
Hologram Gun10KMediumStableUltra Rare
Pearl KnifeNANAFluctuatingUltra Rare
Rainbow Gun2KLowStableUltra Rare
Rainbow Knife2KLowStableUltra Rare
Pearl GunNANAFluctuatingUltra Rare
Hologram Knife10KMediumStableUltra Rare
Scarf Gun3KLowNAUltra Rare
Scarf Knife3KLowNAUltra Rare
Skeletal Gun5KMediumStableUltra Rare
Skeletal Knife5KMediumStableUltra Rare
Toy Gun2KLowStableUltra Rare

Rare Item Value List

Choco Loco BannerNANANARare
Cryptic Knife600LowStableRare
Cursed Gun600LowStableRare
Entwined GunNANAFluctuatingRare
Frost Gun400LowStableRare
Glyph Knife400LowStableRare
Jolly Knife600NANARare
Jolly Murderer Banner500NANARare
Lady Red BannerNANANARare
Neocupid KnifeNANAFluctuatingRare
Quilt Gun600NANARare
Rainbow Cart Ride BannerNANANARare
Red Santa Banner2KMediumNARare
Romeo Loves Mvsd BannerNANANARare
Leafstone Knife400LowStableRare
Motif Knife100NANARare
Heartbroken Bacon BannerNANANARare
Hazard Gun400LowStableRare
Dream Gift Banner700NANARare
Down The Chimney Banner1KNANARare

Common Item Value List

Alpine Bliss Banner450NANACommon
Box Of Chocolates BannerNANANACommon
Chilly Snowman Banner400NANACommon
Collage BannerNANANACommon
Gingerbread Manor Banner500NANACommon
Glean Knife60NANACommon
Moss Knife75Very LowStableCommon
North Star Gun75NANACommon
Quartz Knife25Very LowStableCommon
Stamped And Sealed BannerNANANACommon
Stich GunNANAFluctuatingCommon
Sweet Stash Banner300NANACommon
Unlucky Gun25Very LowStableCommon
Whirl Gun25Very LowStableCommon
Shimmer Knife25Very LowStableCommon
Speckle Gun70NAStableCommon
Hearty KnifeNANAFluctuatingCommon
Ivy Knife75NANACommon
Cloud 9 BannerNANANACommon
Claw Gun75Very LowStableCommon

Uncommon Item Value List

Beary Best Friends BannerNANANAUncommon
Care Bear BannerNANANAUncommon
Cold Memory Banner650NANAUncommon
Feather Knife100LowStableUncommon
Festive Gun200NANAUncommon
Gift Delivery Banner600LowNAUncommon
Merry Gun400NAStableUncommon
Naughty Bacon Banner200LowNAUncommon
Oak Gun100LowStableUncommon
Shadow Knife100LowStableUncommon
Sweet Treat BannerNANANAUncommon
Swirls Gun200NAStableUncommon
Winterberry Knife200NANAUncommon
Webbed Knife200NAStableUncommon
Quantum Gun100LowStableUncommon
Pixel KnifeNANAFluctuatingUncommon
Holly KnifeOCNANAUncommon
Hallow Gun200LowStableUncommon
Doodle GunNANAFluctuatingUncommon
Cozy Fireplace Banner550LowNAUncommon

That’s everything you need to know about MVSD value list.

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