Monster Ghoul Tier List [Update 3] (July 2024) – All Kagune Ranked

Monster Ghoul is an immersive Roblox fighting game inspired by the popular anime Tokyo Ghoul.

There is a choice between Ghoul or the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCC) in this game. However, if you prefer to play as a villain and disrupt everything, our Kagune tier list will help you choose the best Kagune in Monster Ghoul.

Before I rank every Kagune in Monster Ghoul, let’s find out what Kagune is and what it is used for.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

What is a Kagune in Monster Ghoul?

A Kagune is a weapon unleashed by the Ghouls and it is usually found in a sac-like internal organ called Kakuhou. It can be offensive or defensive as per the situation.   

Monster Ghoul Kagune Tier List (2024)

We created a Kagune Tier List to help you choose the best Kagune because they will be an asset in your battle with the CCC.

Here are all Kagune available in Monster Ghoul and their rankings:

S Tier

S Tier is usually the cream of the group and can add an edge to your game.


Furuta has an increased healing power and is quite as durable as a ghoul’s kagune.  This durability is an asset in the PvP battles. The players get more than 10% health regeneration and also +5% Durability. It is quite easy to unlock a  Furuta,  reach level 1000, and pay 250,000,000 Yen, you can also pay 800 Robux to buy it. 


This Kagune is good for offensive play and when equipped with a  UTA,  it is not only faster but also more durable. It will give you more than 5% Regeneration and above 10% Speed. You can gain the UTA if you reach level 800,  and also have 185,000,000 Yen to buy it. It can also be bought for 500 Robux.

A Tier 

All A Tier characters are not as good as the ones in Tier S but are an asset on the battlefield.

Eto Yoshimura

Eto Yoshimura focuses on speed and this helps it to evade hits. However, players need good skills and movement to use this weapon Eto Yoshimura gives you +10% Speed. To use Eto, you need 225 million Yen or 800 Robux.


Tatara is durable like a tank.  It aids you in duels with stronger enemies. Tatara has more than 10% durability and +5% health regeneration and to unlock it you need 145,000,000 Yen or 800 Robux.

B Tier

The characters in Tier B are neither good nor bad but can be helpful under certain circumstances on the battlefield.


Noro is good for a defensive approach in the game as it helps you stay alive and also gives time to deal with the enemy.  Noro will give players more than 10% health regeneration and +10% durability. However, to unlock it you must be at level 800 or pay 400 Robux to unlock it immediately.


Yamori is a ghoul known to combine power and quickest.  It gives players more than 5% damage and +10% speed.  To unlock Yamori players need to unlock level 500 and 115,000,000 Yen or pay 500 Robux.  

C Tier

These characters can be avoided by you as they are the weakest of the lot.

Touka Kirishima

Touka is an ukaku ghoul and you need to reach level 50 to unlock it for 150k Yen.  It will give the players +10% speed.

Nishiki Nishio

Nishiki Nishio is not quite as strong as other kagune in Monster Ghoul. It gives you +5 health regeneration and +5% durability.

That’s all you need to know about the Monster Ghoul Kagune tier list.

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