How to Get Mari The Merchant in Sol’s RNG (2024)

Roblox Sol’s RNG Era 8 update has been released officially and has brought new auras, gears, items, daily quests, and more.

A new shop system has also been added along with the other items. Here, you can find a traveling merchant named Mari and spend coins to purchase different items.

Mari was added in Era 8 and is an NPC who appears for a set amount of time. She is an adult female dressed in a brown with a hoodie, and a travel backpack. A dark green sleeping bag is also attached to her bag.

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You can buy many things from her but remember she is there for a limited period so do try to buy things needed as fast as you can. In this guide, we have shared steps to get Mari the merchant in Sol’s RNG. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Obtaining Mari The Merchant in Sol’s RNG 

Traveling Merchant Mari usually spawns anywhere and anytime on the map. Players need to keep their eyes open and look around to find her.  

A giant blue lightning bolt that strikes the map is the best signal that reveals Mari’s whereabouts as she spawns. You will find the merchant where the lightning has hit the ground.  

Mari can spawn anywhere in any biome but the only indication is the lightning bolt which will reveal her location to you.   

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Mari will be at the location for 3 minutes and leave as soon as the period elapses. Players can buy potions and items for money from her. The stock is also limited so do your purchases fast before she runs out of them.

Mari sells items that change with every appearance. She may sometimes also have mixed potions or speed potions and do purchase the items quickly before they are all gone..  

List Of Items Mari Sells in Sol’s RNG

Here’s a full list of items that can be purchased from the Mari Merchant.

Speed Potion2,000$
Speed Potion L4,000$
Speed Potion XL8,000$
Mixed Potion3,000$
Lucky Potion1,000$
Lucky Potion L2,000$
Lucky Potion XL4,000$
Fortune Spoid I4,000$
Fortune Spoid II6,000$
Fortune Spoid III8,000$
Gear B10,000$
Gear B10,000$
Lucky Penny77,777$
Void Coin500,000$

Tips To Check Mari’s Whereabouts

  • As per sources, Mari spawns every 15 minutes to 1 hour. 
  • The best way to know the time she will spawn next is to check the server chat. it will reveal the time of her last appearance and you can then easily calculate when she will appear next.
  • The lightning bolt usually strikes at the edge of the map.
  • Mari can spawn on all the biomes but will be there for 3 minutes only.

That’s all about how to get Mari The Merchant in Sol’s RNG.

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