How to Get Maki’s Weapon in Second Piece (July 2024)

Roblox Second Piece is a popular anime-based game. In this game, you need to get stronger, obtain abilities, collect items, devil fruits, weapons, and more. 

However, this game features several weapons with different damage ranges and developers keep adding new weapons with new updates.  

In a recent update of Second Piece, the developers have added a new weapon called Maki’s Weapon also known as Split Soul Katana. 

Since this weapon has just been added to the game, many players have been looking for a guide to get it. 

Some players have already obtained the Maki’s Weapon while many are struggling to get it in Second Piece.

If you are one of those players and are looking to get Maki’s Weapon in Second Piece, look no further because we got you covered.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:  

Obtaining Maki’s Weapon in Second Piece

In Second Piece, items and weapons can be obtained either by trading or completing the task. 

Similarly, to get Maki’s Weapon in Second Piece, you need to complete the quest. 

To start the quest, go to Shinju Island and look for the NPC in a black suit. 

Maki's weapon Second Piece

This NPC spawns every 10 minutes and despawns in 5 minutes. 

So, if you can’t find the NPC then you must wait on the same island until he spawns. 

Once he spawns, talk to him and give him the required Beli to spawn Toji.

Maki's weapon Second Piece

After that, Toji will spawn on the same island. Find him and start fighting. 

When you kill the Toji boss in Second Piece, you will get the Maki’s Weapon. 

Since it is a legendary weapon the chance of dropping the weapon is low. So, you have to keep trying the same process until you get the weapon. 

That’s how you can get Maki’s Weapon in Second Piece. 

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