How To Kick Someone From Roblox Private Server (2024)

Roblox is a popular platform that brings people together through games. You can play games on a private server with like-minded friends. But have you ever wondered if there is an option to remove someone from a private server?

In this guide, we have shared all about how to kick someone from the private server on Roblox.

A private server on Roblox is a subscription-based feature. It allows users to decide who can play an experience with them. 

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Some games might offer them for free, while others can charge a monthly fee. If you do not pay the fee then the private server is deactivated and no one can join it anymore. 

How To Kick Someone From a Private Server on Roblox

Here is how you can remove someone from Private servers on Roblox:

Removing someone from a private server on Roblox depends on the game. Some games allow it whereas some do not.  However, you can control who can join you on the private server and who cannot.  

How to Remove Someone From Your Private Server

To remove someone from your private server, you need to be the owner of the private server. 

  • Go to your private server’s settings. 
  • Tap on Manage Players.
  • Check the list of players on your server. 
  • Locate the player you wish to remove.
  • Tap on the option to remove.  

Remember that this step can be carried out only if the game gives you the option as this option is not found in most games.

Change the Server Link:

The second method to remove someone is to generate a new link to the private server.  The old link will no longer work, preventing the friend from rejoining. Share this link with all those whom you wish to join you. 

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You can also unfriend the person from the list to remove them from the private server. 

Remove Permission:

  • Go to your private server.
  • Tap on the three dots.
  • Click on Configure and go to settings.
  • Remove their username from the list.   
  • If you have set an option that allows all your friends to join in then disable it. 
  • Now add the names of the friends you wish to join to the list.

Remember do not do this when you are on the server with that friend as he will not be removed then.

Shut Down Server:

To Remove them from your private server, follow the steps written below:

  • Go to your private server.
  • Tap on the three dots. 
  • Tap on Shut down server.
  • The current running server will be shut down removing all on the list.  
  • Now re-invite the players to join you with a new server link.

Whitelist System: 

Many games have a whitelist system where only specific players can join the private server. 

If your game has this feature, you can add only the players you wish to the whitelist.  

Contact Roblox Support: 

However, if someone is continuously causing issues, harassing you, or misbehaving then you can contact Roblox Support and file a report against that individual.

They will soon take action against the person by warning them or banning them permanently. It depends on how severe is their violation.

These are some of the ways how to kick someone from the private server on Roblox.

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