How to Get Kars Ability In AUT (2024)

The much-awaited update of A Universal Time has finally been launched. As expected, the devs added a bunch of new abilities, stands, and more.

Among things added to the recent update was Kars, which is an ability. Ever since the Kars ability was added to AUT, tons of players have been searching for a guide to learn the obtainment process.

Without any further ado, let’s get started: 

Obtaining Kars Ability in A Universal Time

There are two ways to get the Kars ability in A Universal Time: 

  • By killing the Kars boss. 
  • By crafting it from the Rafting NPC. 

However, before you look for the kars ability you need to have a Vampire Ability otherwise you won’t be able to get this ability. 

Killing the Kars Boss 

AUT Kars ability guide

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The first way of obtaining the Vampire Ability is by killing the Kars Boss. 

To fight with him, head to the Former Minos Prime arena. Here, he spawns every 30 minutes. 

Once you find the Kars, you need to kill him to obtain the True Stone Mask. 

Kars is a very powerful enemy that has level 250 with 25,000 HP. 

There is only a 10% chance of getting the True Stone Mask from the Kars if you defeat him using a Hamon ability.

To kill him faster, use a very powerful ability and drop his health to very low. 

Once he is low on HP, go out of his range and equip the Hamon ability to do the final shot to kill him. 

Remember, if you are playing with your friends or other payers are also attacking Kars with you then the only player who deals the most damage to Kars will get the drop. 

Crafting Kars Ability

If you don’t want to keep fighting with Kars Boss to get the drop, you can craft the True Stone Mask. 

To craft True Stone Mask you need to have the following items: 

  • 5x Kars Shards
  • x1 Vampire Mask
  • x1 Aja Stone
AUT Kars ability guide

image source: YouTube 

You can get the Kars Shards from the Kars the Pillarman banner. Here you need to spend the in-game currency to Pull. 

AUT Kars ability guide

image source: YouTube 

This is a legendary ability that has only a 1.57% chance to obtain. So, you need to keep pulling the abilities from the Kars the Pillarman banner until you have 5x Kars Shards.

The rest of the items, Stone Mask and Aja Stone can be obtained naturally and from the Look Crates. 

Once you have all these items, use them to craft the True Stone Mask and use it while equipping the Vampire ability. 

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