Gym League Aura Tier List [UPD 2] (July 2024)

Roblox Gym League is a Clicker Simulator with a gym theme. The Auras in Gym League give you awesome boosts and also make your character better than others.

But if you are confused and wondering what is the best Aura? Do not worry as we created a tier list ranking all Auras available in Gym League into multiple tiers.

In the Gym League Aura Tier List, we have ranked each aura and you may select the ones you need to form a formidable team. 

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Auras in Gym League make your character look different from others. They also give you awesome boosts and they come in different levels of rarity. 


Here’s how all Auras are ranked in our tier list:

  • Common (63.9%) – These auras are easily found.
  • Rare (25%) – These auras are less common.
  • Epic (10%) – These auras need more rerolls to acquire.
  • Legendary (1%) – These auras are quite rare. 
  • Mythical (0.1%) – These auras are the rarest.

Gym League Aura Tier List

Here are all Gym League auras and their rankings:


The auras in this list are the best and will highlight your muscles.  

  • Super Saiyan Blue – Legendary
  • Super Saiyan – Epic
  • Dark – Epic


Though these auras are not as good as the S-Tier auras but can still gain you a good Aura that will be an asset. 

  • Esper – Epic
  • Purple – Rare
  • Curse – Rare


The auras in the B-Tier list are average but not bad and can be used for a better look.  

  • Nen – Rare
  • Rage – Rare
  • Crimson Fog – Common
  • Teal Fog – Common
  • Black Fog – Common
  • Red Aura – Common


These auras are weak but can be useful in some cases.

  • Yellow Fog – Common
  • Orange Aura – Common
  • Green Aura – Common
  • Pink Aura – Common


Auraless Auras. These are the weakest auras. 

  • Default – Common
  • Fog – Common

That’s all you need to know about Gym League Aura Tier List.

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