Gym League Beginner Guide (2024)

Gym League is a bodybuilding simulation game where you train as a bodybuilder and grow in strength and power.

If you are new to the game check out the Gym League Beginner Guide. In this guide, we will explain everything that you need to know.

Gym League Starter Guide (2024)

Gym League is an exciting game on Roblox with a gym theme. In this game, you must choose different strength training equipment for each muscle group and click a lot to get the best result to get an athletic body.

You can take boosters to accelerate muscle growth, reroll auras, and more. But for this, you need money and to make money you may join competitions, or use Gym League codes.

So let us begin the journey and share all that you need to know about the Gym League Beginner Guide.

Go to the start menu to upgrade your body alter. This can be done by training everything equally. Keep everything at 100% to unlock the shredded track texture. 

How To Earn Money in Gym League?

To earn money in Gym League, one must make sure to participate in competitions where you can earn thousands of cash prizes. The Shop allows players to convert Robux into Cash tokens.

Make sure to complete your quests to earn rewards. To earn money quickly, visit the ORS or spend 1,500 money on each roll to get a cash boost. 

Money can also be earned by completing quests and using codes.

Power-Ups in Store

To spend money, head over to the shop and stock up on power-ups they are essential food items to increase your body strength. Buy as much food as you can with in-game cash and eat it to boost your muscle growth. 

Certain types of food items help increase your Muscle Growth. 

  • Chocolate Bar 
  • Chips  
  • Chicken Wings  
  • Steak  
  • Protein Powder 
  • Creatine Powder  


Potions can be bought from the Gym Store and they are also helpful in building muscles.    

  • Small Power Potion 
  • Mega Potion  

Unlocking New Features

To unlock a new gym in Gym League, complete the body alter and reach 5000 total power. Make sure to train every muscle equally to be able to upgrade your body.

How to get Body Alters in Gym League?

If you have just started Gym League, Body Alter is called Normal in the initial stage you cannot purchase a new one in the Shop because the one you have is not complete.

To check the progress of your Body Alter press the Start button on the screen. You will then be able to see all your muscle stats. The stat at the top is Body Alter must be at 100%.   

To gain 100% you need to train every muscle group such as the Forearms, Triceps, Legs, Back, and Calves. They all need to be 100%  for your Body Alter to be 100%. You can also speed up the process by purchasing Food/Power-Ups and potions.

Types of Body Alters

  • Normal
  • Gold
  • Shredded
  • Diamond
  • Tan
  • Slate
  • Concrete
  • Rock
  • Metal
  • Shiny
  • Steel
  • Armoured
  • Alien

Body Stats 

Body Stats are the strength of various body parts that can be increased by working out on specific body parts with specific gym machines. This helps players secure Body Alter. 

To train for the chest go for the chest bench press, for triceps use the triceps curl for shoulders try the push press for legs use the leg press for the biceps go for the hammer curl,  for Calves try the calf raise, and for forearms use the forearm machine. 

GYM Worlds in Gym League 

 Gym League has 5  types of Gym Worlds and you can unlock them by accomplishing quests and increasing power. One can even Teleport from one gym to another.

  • Beach Gym
  • Underground Gym
  • The Gym
  • Golden Gym
  • Cyber Gym

Aura in Gym League

Open Gym League the “Aura” button will be seen on the left side of the screen. Tap on the button and you will see your current aura and the steps to get the new aura.  

To turn on your aura you need to press the Aura button On.  Press OFF on the Aura button to turn it off.

Common Aura

  • Default
  • Crimson Fog
  • Yellow Fog
  • Teal Fog
  • Pink Aura
  • Green Aura
  • Black Fog
  • Fog
  • Red Aura
  • Orange Aura

Rare Aura

  • Rage
  • Purple
  • Curse
  • Nen

Epic Aura

  • Super Saiyan
  • Esper
  • Dark

Legendary Aura

  • Super Saiyan Blue

Common auras are easily available through spins.  Reroll of rare auras has 25% chance. Whereas Epic Aura has 10% success and the hardest to claim Super Saiyan Blue has less than 1% chance. 

This is all about the Gym League Beginner Guide.

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