How to Get Wishes Fast in Anime Defenders (2024)

Do you want to get wishes fast in Anime Defenders? If your answer is YES, you are in the right place. 

Anime Defenders is a Roblox experience that features units across the anime world. This is a popular game played by millions of players worldwide. 

However, the Anime Defenders Update 3 is finally here and in this update, developers have added several new missions and units to the game. 

Additionally, this new update has introduced a new mission allowing players to get multiple wishes.

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Unfortunately, the procedure to get wishes in Anime Defenders is not straightforward. With that in mind, we wrote a guide explaining how to get all wishes in the game easily and quickly.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Obtaining All Wishes In Anime Defenders

With Update 3 (SUMMER), the devs added a bunch of wishes, modes, maps, and units to Anime Defenders.

Since this post is related to wishes, we will not talk about other things added to the game here.

To get newly added units in Anime Defenders, go to a new area called Exclusive Wishes.  

There, you will get 4 new units — Shadow Dragon, legion Commander, Legion Assassin, and Legion Verran. 

Anime Defenders Wishes Guide

To obtain new units, you need to have wishes. You can get wishes by purchasing them by spending Robux or completing tasks. 

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To get the wishes for free, head to the Hall Of Mirror and load into the Nightmare mode. 

Anime Defenders Wishes Guide

Here are some tasks to complete:  

  • Play Nightmare mode. 
  • Survive 30 minutes. 
  • Get rewards on each Phase. 
  • Play up to 10 players. 
  • Get Exclusive Drops. 
Anime Defenders Wishes Guide

Once you complete these tasks, you will get Wishes as a reward. You can use them to get new units. 

Remember, you will only get the units shown in the banner. 

That’s how you can get Wishes fast in Anime Defenders.

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