How to Get Yoru V2 In Fruit Seas (2024)

Fruit Seas is a Roblox experience inspired by a very popular game called One Piece. 

In this game, players explore different islands and fight with enemies and bosses. 

This game aims to increase the power of your character and become a powerful pirate. 

However, like any other Roblox game, in Fruit Seas players will collect different items and weapons such as swords and guns. 

Currently, multiple weapons are available in Fruit Sea but only a few of them can be upgraded to V2.

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One of them is Yoru. With the latest update, the devs added a feature allowing users to upgrade Dark Blade to V2, which is also called Yoru V2.

If you too want to get Yoru V2 in Fruit Seas but don’t know the obtainment process, keep on reading.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Obtaining Yoru V2 In Fruit Seas

Yoru V2 is a mythic sward that has higher damage and that’s the reason why everyone wants to have it in their hands.

To get the Yoru V2 blade in Fruit Seas, you need to have a regular Dark Blade which is game pass. 

Once you have purchased regular Dark, the next thing you need is a Void Stone to craft the Yoru V2. 

To get the Void Stone, you need to fight with Mihawk Boss. 

There is a drop chance of getting the Void Stone from the Mihawk Boss, who can be found on Dracula Island.  

So head to Dracula island and look for the castle. Once found, go inside the castle and you will see the Mihawk Boss. 

Fruit Seas Yoru 2 Guide

He is a very powerful boss you might require multiple tries to understand his move and defeat him.

After defeating the Mihawk Boss, there is a percent chance he will drop Void Stone. 

Once you get the stone, go to Black Smith and give both Regular Dark Blade and Void Stone to craft the Yoru V2 blade. 

This blade has a green aura around it which turns white upon using it.

There are a total of 4 moves. The first move is Tornado Slash which creates a tornado that stuns the enemy and does continuous damage. 

Fruit Seas Yoru 2 Guide

The next move is Black Slash which which throws the horizontal slash toward the enemy. 

Fruit Seas Yoru 2 Guide

The next one is Crater Barrage which is similar to the second move but this will throw a slash in all directions and explode upon impact. 

Fruit Seas Yoru 2 Guide

That’s how you can get Yoru V2 in Fruit Seas. 

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