Fluxus Key Link Not Working Fix (July 2024)

Is your Fluxus key link not working? If YES, don’t look further because our step by step guide will teach you a couple of ways to fix.

Taking to social media, numerous Fluxus users reported that they were unable to get the Fluxus key.

Whenever they clicked on the ‘Get Key‘ button, they were showing an error ‘Invalid Key’ preventing them from obtaining the key.

Since Fluxus is a Roblox executor that can’t be executed without a key, many are having trouble obtaining it.

With that in mind, we wrote a detailed guide explaining all possible ways to resolve the Fluxus key link not working problem.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Fluxus Key Link Not Working Fix (2024)

Here are some effective ways to resolve the Fluxus key link working issue:

1. Buy Linkvertise Premium

Whenever you click on the Get Key button. A link will be copied into your clipboard. When you paste that link to your browser and search for it, you will be taken to the Linkvertise.com.

Unfortunately, Linkvertise.com does not allow users to use more than 3 credits a day. If you have already used today’s credit, you will not be able to get the Fluxus key using Linkvertise.

In that case, you need to either wait for a day or buy Linkvertise Premium. Once purchased, you can use unlimited credits on Linkvertise.

Now, follow the steps on Linkvertise and get the key. Once you get the key, verify it and enjoy the executor.

2. Use Different Browser

Sometimes, Fluxus key link does not in Google Chrome or Firefox. If you are using any of these two browsers to get the Fluxus key, changing to a new browser is highly recommended.

Once changed, launch Fluxus and click on the Get Key button. After that, paste the clipboard link into a new browser and search for it and check if the error is gone.

3. Use Different Device

If you have a different device, try to get the Fluxus key on that device. Sometimes, this issue needs a day to get resolved regardless of what method you try.

In that case, using a different device is the best option. Notably, you will have to download and install Fluxus executor on that device as well.

Once installed, launch the executor on your phone and click on the Get Key button. After that, open a browser and paste the copied link and search for it.

If the Fluxus key link is working, it means the error was happening due to some issues on your device.

These were some easy methods to fix the Fluxus key link not working issue.

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