Elemental Dungeons Value List (May 2024)

Elemental Dungeons is a popular Roblox game that has plenty of items, elements and powers to choose from.

With update 4, the devs added TRADING feature, allowing users to trade items with other players.

Like Pet Catchers & Sneaker Resell Simulator, you will have to bear a huge loss if you trade blindly in Elemental Dungeons.

To make a better use of trading feature in Elemental Dungeons, make sure to go through our value list.

In our Elemental Dungeons value list, we mentioned the name of every element along with their exact values and demand.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Elemental Dungeon Trading Values List (2024)

Before I mention trading values of every element available in Elemental Dungeon, let me tell you that you need to go to the Trading area first.

When you get there, interact with the tables to open up the Trade Menu. When you do so, you will see what players are offering.

Now, you need to add your offer. While doing this, make sure to keep the following value list in mind because each item has a certain value.

Before you trade in Elemental Dungeon, keep the following rules in your mind:

  • You are not allowed to trade two items belonging to different categories. (Weapon for Weapon, Element For Element and Cosmetics for Cosmetics)
  • You are not allowed to trade Gold or materials.
  • The trade value difference should not exceed 40%.

Here are all Elemental Dungeons elements, items, cosmetics and their trading values:

Elements Value List

Mythic Elements Value List

ElementsRarityValueChance From Banner

Legendary Elements Value List

ElementsRarityValueChance From Banner

Epic Elements Value List

ElementsRarityValueChance From Banner

Rare Elements Value List

ElementsRarityValueChance From Banner

Cosmetics Trading Value List

CosmeticsValuePopularityWhere To Get
Red Phantom Set7800Very Popular2%
Chained585DecentLimited Time
Beta495DecentBeta Pass
Krampus435UnpopularPremium Battlepasss
Spooky Amethyst32.5DecentHalloween Battlepass
Spectral25DecentCandy Shop
Scorchguard23.5DecentFire Pass
Witch18.5DecentCandy Shop
Aureate7.5UnpopularHalloween Battlepass
Raid Sets5UnpopularRaid Shop
Violet Battleaxe5600DecentLeaderboard Prize
Beta Scythe1200PopularPhantom Case
Beta Daggers1125Popular5%
Crimson Deathadder585PopularHalloween Event
Beta Hammer575PopularPhantom Case
Verdant Blade525Unpopular1% Chance from Winter Case
Beta Battleaxe475UnpopularPhantom Case
Beta Axe425UnpopularBeta Pass
Erosion Scythe285DecentHalloween Case
Ghastly Skeleblade240PopularHalloween Battlepass
Glacial Deathaddder170DecentLeaderboard Prize
Beta Deathadder125DecentBeta Pass
Corrupted Axe95DecentLimited Time
Cube Scythe50DecentWinter Case
Lavawood Spear20DecentLeaderboard Prize
Molten Scythe16.5DecentFire Pass
Hallowed Deathadder8.5DecentHalloween Battlepass
Blazebringer5.75DecentPhantom Case
Ice Battle Hammer5.45DecentHalloween Case
Sapphire Battleaxe3.5UnwantedPhantom Case
Pyroclast Choppers2.8UnwantedFire Pass
Brutal Battleaxe2.65UnwantedHalloween Case
Pikeblade2UnwantedFire Pass
Iridescent Frostbite1.75UnwantedPhantom Case
Ivory Sandslash1.5UnwantedPhantom Case
Witchwood Wand1.15UnwantedHalloween Case
Pumpkin Sword1UnwantedHalloween Case

Items Trade Value List

Gilded Set700Decent1% Chance From Underworld
Solstice Set600Decent1% Chance From Underworld
Magma’s Edge355Decent07% Chance From Underworld
Celestial Set175Decent2% Chance From Atlantis
Overlord Set140Unpopular2% Chance From Atlantis
Posseidon’s Trident115Unpopular1% Chance From Atlantis
Lavaflow Set225Decent0.6% Chance From Underworld
Lavaforge Set185Decent5% Chance From Underworld
Grimshade Katana150Decent5% Chance From Underworld

That’s everything you need to know about Elemental Dungeon trading values list.

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