Dungeonborne Class Tier List (July 2024)

Dungeonborne is a fantasy RPG dungeon crawler that has you facing dangerous enemies and other players in dungeons that are filled with danger in each corner.

To win against the enemies, you must choose the best class to safely extract the loot. The better class you have the easier to progress through the game.

To make your work easier, we created a Dungeonborne class tier list. In our tier list, we divided all classes into Human, Elf, and Undead races.

Each class falls into a category of DPS, Healer, Mage, etc. The Dungeonborne Class Tier List will help you pick the right class to gain an edge in the game. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Dungeonborne Class Tier List (2024)

S -Tier:

These are the best and an asset in battles against a formidable enemy


 In one-on-one combat encounters, the Cryomancer is unstoppable in the battlefield due to his ability to freeze enemies.  

It is also capable of healing with Ice Barrier. As they are from the undead race they need to absorb the enemy’s soul essence to regenerate energy.


Rogues are capable of locking down opponents with Petrifying Poison skill. The Vanish skill also makes him an asset to the team.  They are masters at surprise attacks.  


Though they are not as good as S-Tier but are capable of holding their own in battles.


The Pyromancer is a magic user class capable of attacking enemies from far away with Pyroblast or Fire Blast. 

As Pyromancer holds mastery over magical weapons it can deal damage in certain scenarios. 


Druid uses nature’s energy to transform into a panther to boost mobility. They can also summon big tree-looking monsters called Treants who can attack enemies in their vicinity. 

They are effective in close and long-range combat. 


Priest belongs to the support class and can keep other party members alive to do more damage in its place. They use holy spells to help teammates and heal their HP.  

The Priest class can also wield fire, and lightning spells and have an ability to resurrect fallen teammates.  


They are ok but useful in certain conditions on the battlefield.


The Fighter is a Tank-type class, capable of using most weapons and heavy armour. It also has the Whirlwind and Rush ability to incur damage to the enemy.  


The weakest but may change with any new update.


The Swordmaster is a tricky class to use due to stocking up on multiple swords. It may rise in the ranks if swords become easily available.  

Death Knight

The Death Knight is similar to the Fighter but has a low mobility power making it harder to survive in harsh conditions. It has Soul Shroud and Grasp of the Grave skills.

These rankings are based on our impressions and can easily change with future patches. 

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