How to Get All Titles in Desert Bus Roblox (2024)

Desert Bus is a newly launched Roblox game. Like other popular games, the devs added a bunch of titles that players can obtain by completing some missions, or quests or heading to a specific location.

Unfortunately, some titles in Desert Bus can’t be unlocked easily. Ever since the game was launched, many players have been searching for ways to unlock titles.

While you are here, you must be looking for a way to unlock a specific or all titles in Roblox Desert Bus.

If that’s the case, don’t worry because we created a guide explaining how and where to find all titles in Desert Bus.

By the time you are done reading this guide, you will have enough information to unlock every title in Desert Bus.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Unlocking All Titles in Desert Bus Roblox

As mentioned above, there are tons of titles available in the Desert Bus game and to unlock them, you need to perform some tasks. 

Here is how you can unlock all Titles in Desert Bus Roblox. 

  • Acid — To get the Acid title, you need to survive 30 seconds of acid rain.
  • Annotator — To get the Annotator title, you need to place 20 notes down in-game.
  • Chef — You need to score 300 or more points when speaking to the Burger Critic to get this title unlocked in Desert Bus.
  • Long Sufferer — Stay in the server for a total of 10 hours without exiting the game to get the Long Sufferer title.
  • Freebird — To unlock this title in Desert Bus, let the trap door knock you back.
  • Goner — To unlock or get this title, you need to get off the bus and go back home.
  • Thirsty — Take everything out of the vending machine to achieve the Thirsty title in Desert Bus.
  • Unlucky — This title requires you to spin the wheel of fortune and land on “DEATH”.
  • Determined — Get “DETERMINATION”.
  • Experienced — Check up to 50 events in the game to unlock this title.
  • Companion — You need to play with a friend for 60 minutes on the same server. 
  • Duckie —  To unlock the Duckie title, you have to reach 50 thousand clicks with “THE BUTTON”.
  • Tax Evader — You have to save your taxes to get this title in Desert Bus.
  • Voyager — Unlocking this title is very simple. All you need to do is travel 200 miles in the game.
  • Bon Voyage — This title is related to the “Starman”.
  • Explosive — To unlock this title, you need to get attacked by the C4.
  • Closeted — To get this title, you have to complete the task mentioned on the tin or board.
  • Model — You need to equip the Sport 3 “wobbly” accessories. 
  • Short Circuit — Hit something that you are not supposed to hit.
  • Button Master — Click “THE BUTTON” a total of 5 thousand times.
  • Top Donator — Get to first place on the donation leaderboard.
  • Fashionista — Get a ‘wobbly’ accessory.
  • VIP — You need to purchase a VIP game pass to unlock the VIP title.
  • Driver — You have to either drive or sit in the driver’s seat for a total of 60 minutes.
  • Night Rider — You need to drive the bus during nighttime to get this title.
  • Glass Breaker — Destroy the windows.
  • Cooked — Enter somewhere you are not supposed to go. 
  • Resilient — Remain in a server for 5 hours in total.
  • Cactus Whisperer — You will get this title when a mysterious title questions you.
  • Smasher — To unlock this title, Smash a table.
  • Animator — To get this title unlocked, create an emote for the game.
  • Donator — Donate some items and coins to unlock the Donator title. 
  • Petitions — When a petition appears, fill in all the slots.
  • Decorator — Purchase every decoration possible on the bus.
  • Enduring — Remain in the same server for a total of 60 minutes without leaving to unlock the Enduring title in Desert Bus.
  • Premium — To get this title unlocked, you must have a membership to Roblox Premium.
  • Cheese — Obtain cheese when you visit Yummington.
  • Collector — If you manage to obtain every single title, except admin titles in the game, you will have the Collector title unlocked.
  • Playtester — You will get this title when you play before it is officially released or in beta version. 

That’s how you can unlock all titles in Roblox Desert Bus.

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