Dandy’s World Toons Tier List (July 2024)

Toons in Dandy’s World are the main mascots of the game. Each Toon (playable character) has their unique stats and abilities. 

Like other Roblox games, Dandy’s World has a bunch of Toons and not all of them are equally powerful or weak.

Since some are better than others, we created a tier list ranking all Toons available in Dandy’s World.

For the unversed, Dandy’s World is a multiplayer game where you team up with fellow Toons.

You need to complete the machines with their collaboration and descend into Gardenview Center. In this horror game, you play either Poppy or Boxten. You can buy more characters with unique stats and abilities from Dandy’s shop. Collect trinkets  to customize your playstyle 

The main characters in the game are the Toons and the Twisted. You will be playing as the Toons against the Twisted who are the corrupt versions of Toons.  

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Dandy’s World Toons Tier List (2024)

Here are all the Toons available in Dandy’s World and their rankings:

S Tier:

These are the best Toons in Dandy World. 

  • Boxten — The extraction speed is increased by 6% and it is best to speed up the extraction process for the team to move to the next floor easily.  
  • Brightney — It is extremely useful during a blackout as it reveals the locations of Twisted for a few seconds. This helps the team to move around them stealthily.
  • Vee — It can also reveal the locations of Twisteds but during cooldown ends. 

A Tier:

These are also strong toons but not as good as the ones in S-Tier.  

  • Astro — It helps you with his Active Ability to replenish 50% of stamina for all toons speedily.
  • Poppy — Her movement speed is increased by 50% whenever she gets hit by a Twisted. This in turn helps her to evade the Twisteds.
  • Rodger — Rodger helps you in grinding the Research progress for Twisteds to unlock the Twisted Trinkets for your characters!

B Tier:

The toons in this list are helpful in certain situations.

  • Goob — It can drag a teammate to wherever he’s standing and is useful when you see a teammate being chased.
  • Razzle & Dazzle — Its movement speed increases with an odd number floor, and extraction speed increases with an even number floor.  
  • Scraps — It can easily drag herself to where a Toon stands. 

C Tier:

Neither good nor bad but can be used for certain things.

  • Pebble — This toon can easily find items across the map. 

D Tier:

The worst toons to be avoided. 

  • Shrimpo — It is much slower than any other toon to be of any help. 

Dandy’s World Best Toons

Here are all the best toons in Dandy’s World:

  • Vee

Vee is the best for any team as she has the Active Ability that highlights every Twisted on the current floor. Though it lasts for a few seconds it is quite helpful for players to avoid the Twisteds and deduce where they may move next.

She also has the camera Hijack ability, which highlights a nearby extractor machine. This ability helps them to move directly towards it.

  • Boxten

He has a passive ability which speeds up the extraction process by 6%. To make use of this ability you need a team of 3+ people.

  • Brightney

Brightney has the Active Ability, ‘Night Light’, which is useful during Blackouts! The light may last for a few seconds but it alerts you and your teammates of their location by shining a light on them with Brightney.  

  • Astro

His Active and passive abilities make him stand out. The Active Ability, ‘Nap Time’, is used to replenish 50% of any nearby Toon’s stamina.  The passive ability ‘Well Rested’,  boosts the replenishment speed of stamina by 50% for the player.

That is all about our Dandy’s World Toons Tier List. The list will give you an idea about Dandy’s World Toons before you start spending your Ichor!

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