Counter Blox Value List (June 2024)

Counter Blox is a popular Roblox game where you need to participate in 5v5 team-based fights on various maps.

Whenever you win a match, you will be rewarded with money. The more money you earn the more weapons, gear, and grenades you can buy.

Before you buy any item in Counter Blox, make sure to check our value list. Besides winning matches, you can obtain the desired item by TRADING with other players.

Before you buy or sell any item in Counter Blox via TRADING, check out our trading value list.

If you trade any Counter Blox item without going through the value list, chances are high that you will get scammed by other players.

The best thing about our value list is it gets updated frequently. To check the latest trading value list of Counter Blox, bookmark and visit this page frequently because we update it whenever a new update is out.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Counter Blox Trading Value List (2024)

Before you take a look at our Counter Blox value list, let me tell you that this value list was created by

The primary aim of creating this tier list is to help Counter Blox players while trading weapons, skins, and items.

Since the price or value of Counter Blox items keeps changing, we will continue to update this value list.

Here are all Counter Blox items and their current trading values:

Deagle Weeb14.7 MillionNormal
AWP Nerf12.6 MillionNormal
Glock RSL11.9 MillionNormal
AK47 Outlaws11.2 MillionNormal
AWP Blastech11.2 MillionNormal
Deagle TC9.8 MillionNormal
Deagle Dropx8.4 MillionNormal
M4A4 Endline8.4 MillionNormal
M4A1 Heavens Gate7 MillionNormal
AK47 Hypersonic5.6 MillionNormal
Falchion Chosen4.6 MillionNormal
M4A4 Bots4.2 MillionNormal
Deagle Skin Committee3.9 MillionNormal
Butterfly Whiteboss3.5 MillionNormal
AUG Nightwalk3.5 MillionNormal
AWP Jtf22.8 MillionNormal
M4A4 Scapter1.6 MillionNormal
Krampbit Gold1.6 MillionNormal
USP Yellowbelly1.2 MillionNormal
Falchion Late Night440KNormal
AWP Pinkie420KNormal
Deagle Independence420KST
AK47 Godess350KNormal
Krambit Twitch238KNormal
AK47 Glo189KNormal
AWP Hika175KNormal
Butterfly Freedom168KNormal
M4A4 King168KNormal
UMP Molten140KNormal
P90 P-Chan70.9KNormal
Butterfly Hallows63KNormal
Bayonet Sapphire63KNormal
Sports Glove Cottontails45.5KNormal
Bayonet Intertwine24.5KNormal
AK47 Variant21KNormal
AK47 Eve15.4KNormal
Famas MK1115.4KNormal
Scout Xmas14KNormal
P250 TC25014KNormal
Krambit Lantern12.6KNormal
Huntsman Aurora10KST
Falchion Zombie10KNormal
Karambit Liberty Camo10KNormal
Bayonet Crow9KNormal
M4A1 Animatic8.4KNormal
Handwraps Purple Hex8.4KNormal
Butterfly Reaper7KNormal
Handwraps Orange Hex6.4KNormal
Huntsman Honor Fade6KNormal
AK47 Vav6KNormal
Sickle Stock5.6KNormal
Huntsman Monster5.6KNormal
Falchion Consumed5.6KST
AK47 Jester5.6KNormal
Deagle Grim5.6KST
AK47 Mean Green5.6KNormal
Gut Lurker4.8KNormal
Handwraps Phantom Hex4KNormal
Gut Rusty4KNormal
Huntsman Goo4KNormal
Handwraps Ghoul Hex4KNormal
Krambit Death Wish4KNormal
AWP Grepkin4KST
Handwraps Green Hex4KNormal
Handwraps Spector Hex4KNormal
Cleaver Spider3.6KNormal
AXE Beast3.6KNormal
M4A4 Delinquent2.8KNormal
AK47 Outrunner2.8KNormal
Strapped Glove Kringle2.8KNormal
AWP Dragon2.8KNormal
Krambit Quicktime2.4KNormal
Karambit Bloodwidow2.4KNormal
Deagle Glittery2.4KNormal
Huntsman Wrapped2KNormal
AWP Retroactive2KNormal
Handswraps Microbes2KNormal
Scout Hellborn1.8KNormal
AK47 Plated1.6KNormal
Scout Neon Regulation1.6KNormal
Sports Glove Skulls1.6KNormal
Sports Glove Dead Prey1.6KNormal
Bayonet Mariposa1.6KNormal
AWP Illusion1.4KNormal
AK47 Halo1.4KNormal
Bayonet Haunted1.4KNormal
Karambit Drop Out1.3KST
Sports Glove Calamity1.2KNormal
SG Kitty Cat1.2KNormal
Falchion Twilight1KNormal
Butterfly Icicle1KNormal
Bayonet Silent Night1KNormal
AK47 Shooting Star1KNormal
Handwraps Mma1KNormal
Handwraps Mummy1KST
Karambit Peppermint1KNormal
M4A4 Flashy Ride1KNormal
AWP Kumanjayi1KNormal
Karambit Glossed1KNormal
Tec9 Performer1KNormal
Falchion Kimura940Normal
Bayonet Candy Cane905Normal
Bayonet Ghastly846ST
Butterfly Topaz800Normal
Falchion Inversion800Normal
Fingerless Glove Spookiness800Normal
MAG7 Striped800Normal
Karambit Pizza800Normal
Bayonet Aequalis700Normal
Sports Glove Majesty700Normal
Sports Glove Hazard660Normal
Falchion Pumpkin610Normal
Sports Glove Royal610Normal
Gut Frozen Dream600Normal
AWP Regina600ST
Butterfly Jade Dream600Normal
Gut Cob Web600Normal
USP Worlds Away600Normal
P2000 Silence600ST
Strapped Glove Racer590Normal
Karambit Neonic580Normal
Bayonet Splattered500Normal
Negev Winterfell500Normal
Gut Cosmos460Normal
Fingerless Glove Crystal440Normal
Gut Crimson Tiger410Normal
Handwraps Guts400Normal
AK47 Tltude400ST
CZ Festive400Normal
Karambit Ciro400Normal
Gut Banner400Normal
Huntsman Cozy400Normal
AWP Venomus400Normal
Bayonet Ufo400Normal
Falchion Coal400Normal
Falchion Cocoa335Normal
Huntsman Spirit320ST
USP Nighttown300Normal
AUG Chilly Night300ST
Mac10 Golden Rings300Normal
Bayonet Decor300Normal
Mac10 Blaze300Normal
Gut Present300Normal
Glock Biotrip300Normal
Gut Tropical290Normal
Butterfly Snowfall270Normal
AK47 Galaxy Corpse260ST
Cut Crippled Fade230Normal
M4A1 Wastelander210Normal
Gut Holly210Normal
P250 Midnight207Normal
Karambit Worn205Normal
XM Endless Night200Normal
AK47 Secret Santa200Normal
Falchion Egg Shell200Normal
Deagle Honor-bound200Normal
Scout Monstruo200Normal
M4A4 Candyskull200Normal
M4A4 Pondside200Normal
UMP Redline160Normal
Sawedoff Executioner160Normal
Bayonet Naval150Normal
Gut Geo Blade150Normal
Fingerless Glove150Normal
Deagle Heat140Normal
Strapped Glove130Normal
Gut Marbleized125Normal
P250 Green Web120ST
Fingerless Glove120Normal
AWP Pear Tree100Normal
Scout Flowing Mists100Normal
SG Dropout100Normal
XM Artic100Normal
M4A4 Ice Cap100Normal
MP9 Cookie Man100Normal
P90 Demon Within100Normal
Deagle Cold Truth100ST
CZ Orange Web100Normal
MP7 Industrial100Normal
USP Skull100Normal
AUG Mystique100Normal
M249 Wolf100Normal
AWP Northern Lights80Normal
M4A4 Toy Soldier80Normal
Scout Posh72ST
Tec9 Gift Wrapped60ST
Dual Dusty Manor60Normal
P90 Elegant60Normal
P250 Shark60Normal
P90 Krampus60Normal
R8 Exquisite60Normal
Deagle Pumpkin60Normal
P2000 Dark Beast60Normal
USP Frostbite60Normal
P90 Argus50ST
Mac10 Devil45Normal
AWP Coffin Biter40Normal
AK47 Bloodboom40Normal
AK47 Gifted40Normal
AK47 Ugly Sweater40Normal
M4A4 Raytrack40ST
MAG7 Frosty40Normal
USP Unseen40ST
AK47 Precision37Normal
AWP Difference36Normal
M4A1 Impulse34Normal
AUG Sunsthetic33Normal
Deagle Krystallos31Normal
Nova Tricked30Normal
Scout Hot Cocoa30Normal
FAMAS Centipede29Normal
Mac10 Pimpin27Normal
USP Kraken26Normal
AK47 Quantum25Normal
AK47 Scythe24ST
AWP Instict24Normal
USP Holiday24ST
AK47 Neonline23Normal
MP7 Cogged23ST
AWP Pink Vision22Normal
M4A1 Toucan22Normal
USP Survivor22Normal
SG Dummy22Normal
P2000 Comet21Normal
Glock Spacedust20Normal
Deagle Cool Blue20Normal
AWP Bloodborne20Normal
M4A1 Burning20Normal
MP7 Reindeer20Normal
Fiveseven Danjo19Normal
Deagle Blue Fur19Normal
R8 Violet18Normal
UMP Orbit16Normal
Famas Haunted Forest16Normal
Nova Oath16Normal
R8 Hunter14Normal
G3SG1 Autumn14Normal
M4A1 Necropolis13ST
P90 Pine13Normal
AWP Lunar13Normal
AWP Darkness12Normal
Glock Angler12Normal
XM Predator11ST
Glock Underwater11Normal
M249 Halloween Treats11Normal
AK47 Ace11Normal
M249 Spooky10Normal
MP9 Vaporwave10Normal
USP Paradise9Normal
AK47 Clown9Normal
AUG Graffiti9Normal
Mac10 Toxic9Normal
AWP Oriental9Normal
CZ Designed9Normal
M4A1 Nightmare9Normal
Nova Black Ice9Normal
AUG Phoenix8Normal
P250 Equinox8Normal
MP7 Trauma8Normal
UMP Magma8Normal
P90 Curse8Normal
MAG7 Bombsite7Normal
Sawedoff Casino7Normal
Glock Anubis7Normal
MAG7 Bombshell7Normal
Bizon Sergeant6Normal
CZ Hallow6Normal
Bizon Oblivion6Normal
Scout Theory6Normal
CZ Lightning6Normal
SG Knighthood6Normal
M249 Aggressor6Normal
MP9 Decked Halls6Normal
Nova Defective6Normal
Famaas Imprisoned6Normal
AWP Forever5Normal
Fiveseven Mr Anatomy5Normal
Famas Shocker5Normal
AWP Autumness5Normal
Deagle Rolve5Normal
Fiveseven Fluid5Normal
CZ Spectre5Normal
SG Control5Normal
AUG Homestead5Normal
USP Racing5Normal
Tec9 Samurai4Normal
Glock Gravestomper4Normal
MAG7 Caution4ST
MP9 Wilderness4Normal
Tec9 Stocking Stuffer4Normal
Mac10 Artists Intent4Normal
M4A4 Pinkvision4Normal
Glock Tarnish4Normal
USP Crimson4Normal
P200 Candycorn4Normal
Tec9 Charger4Normal
Glock Day Dreamer3ST
Tec9 Seasoned3Normal
XM Campfire3Normal
Famas Abstract3Normal
Fiveseven Midnight3Normal
Bizon Saint Nick3Normal
Scout Pulse3Normal
AUG Dream Hound3Normal
Bizon Autumic3Normal
USP Dizzy3Normal
Mac10 Skeleboney3Normal
Nova Sharkesh3Normal
UMP Death Grip3Normal
Negev Midnight Bone3Normal
P250 Solstice3Normal
AUG Enlisted3Normal
FAMAS Redux3Normal
AUG Soldier2Normal
C3SG1 Mahogany2Normal
MP9 Velvita2Normal
P250 Bomber2Normal
MP7 Calaxian2Normal
Nova Tiger2Normal
P250 Frosted2Normal
XM Atomic2Normal
Dual Neon Web2Normal
G3SG1 Holly Bound2Normal
UMP Militia2Normal
AWP Abaddon2Normal
UMP Gum Drop2Normal
M4A4 Mistletoe2Normal
R8 TG2Normal
AK47 Code Orange2Normal
TEC9 Skintech2Normal
NOVA Starry2Normal
Dual Floral2Normal
P2000 Camo Dipped2Normal
MP9 Snowtime2Normal
P250 Amber2Normal
P2000 Apathy2Normal
M4A4 Stardust2Normal
NEGEV Wetland1Normal
TEC9 Phol1Normal
Glock Desert Camo1Normal
Sawedoff Sullys Blacklight1Normal
XM Red1Normal
P2000 Golden Age1Normal
Glock Money Maker1Normal
Dual Old Fashioned1Normal
Fiveseven Stigma1Normal
AK47 Maker1Normal
Nova Terraformer1Normal
MAG7 Outbreak1Normal
FAMAS Kugax1Normal
Dual Hexline1Normal
G3SG1 Hex1Normal
P2000 Ruby1Normal
Famas Toxic Rain1Normal
Dual Carbonized1Normal
Mac10 Turbo1Normal
Sawedoff Opal1Normal
Famas Goliath1Normal
CZ Holidays1Normal
Scout Railgun1Normal
Galil Toxicity1Normal
Sawedoff Colorboom1Normal
Galil Hardware 21Normal
Famas Medic1Normal
Negev Quazar1Normal
Tec9 Ironline1Normal
Fiveseven Sub Zero1Normal
P90 Redcopy1Normal
Bizon Shattered1Normal
R8 Spades1Normal
Glock Midnight Tiger1Normal
Glock Rush1Normal
XM Spectrum1Normal
MP9 Blueroyal1Normal
G3SG1 Amethyst1Normal
MP7 Silent Ops1Normal
M4A1 Technician1Normal
P250 Goldish1Normal
Galil Hardware1Normal
Fiveseven Autumn Fade1Normal
G3SG1 Foliage1Normal
MP7 Sunshot1Normal

That’s everything you need to know about Counter Blox value list.

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