Clover Retribution Magic Tier List [X2 DEVIL RIFTS + TRAIT STORE] (July 2024)

Clover Retribution is a popular Roblox game that has a plethora of Magics to choose from.

Since the devs keep adding new magics to the game with every new update, a lot of players have been having a hard time choosing the best Magic in Clover Retribution.

To help you select the best Magic, we created a tier list. In our tier list, we ranked all Magics available in the game into multiple tiers.

When you go through our tier list, it will be easier for you to select the best as we have broken them down from the most powerful to the weakest.

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The Clover Retribution Magic Tier List is like a guide, suggesting which characters might work well in the long run.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Clover Retribution Magic Tier List (2024)

Here are all the Magics available in Clover Retribution Magic and their rankings:


If there is any powerful magic available in Clover Retribution, we have mentioned it in S Tier.

  • World Tree  
  • Sand Magic
  • Water Magic 
  • Blood Magic  

A Tier 

All magics mentioned in A Tier are good but not as good as the ones in the S-Tier List

  • Void 

This is a legendary magic that envelops you in void energy and propels you forward causing immense damage to the enemy. 

Depth Coil, generates a black void beneath you, damaging anyone.  The Black Hole creates a black hole to strike enemies. 

B Tier  

These are not as good as the ones in A-Tier but are useful in dire times.   

  • Lightning  

Lightning Strike releases a lightning strike.  Lightning Circus, generates lightning sparks to deal damage to enemies. The Thunder Gods’ Attire envelops you in lightning and increases your speed.

C Tier 

You can use these Magics if you do not have a better alternative.

  • Slime   
  • Fire   

D Tier 

Would not recommend them, so avoid them if possible.

  • Earth Magic  
  • Wind  
  • Healing
  • Melody

This Clover Retribution Magic Tier List is just a friendly suggestion. You can try different teams and tactics. 

Select the characters as per your choice or use this tier list to guide you.

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