Bladers Rebirth Traits Tier List [2X EXP] (July 2024)

Roblox’s Bladers Rebirth is based on the popular game Beyblade. Players need to unlock upgrades for the Beyblade to win duels with their opponents in the game. 

Since Traits play an integral role in Bladers Rebirth, many are wondering which one is the best.

With that in mind, we created a tier list ranking all traits available in Bladers Rebirth into multiple tiers.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

What Are Bladers Rebirth Traits?

Bladers Rebirth Traits are boosters that can easily change the direction of a battle.  

In our tier list, we ranked every Trait to help you choose the best. Traits are boosters applied to a part to heighten its potential and can be bought from the in-game store.  

Bladers Rebirth Traits Tier List

Here are all the traits available in Bladers Rebirth and their rankings:


 These Traits are the best of the best in Bladers Rebirth with little to no flaws.

  • Resistance (Legendary 1%)


They are good alternatives if you miss out on those in the S-Tier. 

  • Range (Rare 5%)
  • Training (Rare 5%)
  • Powerful (Legendary 1%)


Though they are not as good as the S-Tier or the A-Tier they do come in handy under unusual circumstances. 

  • Turbo (Uncommon 20%)
  • Pierce (Rare 5%)


These are quite weak but can be good in niche uses.

  • Agile (Common 50%)
  • Enchanted (Common 50%)
  • Tanky (Common 50%)
  • Heavy (Uncommon 20%)


Not recommended.

  • Strong (Common 50%)
  • Healthy (Common 50%)

Trait Rarities

  • Common – 50% drop rate 
  • Uncommon – 20% drop rate
  • Rare – 5% drop rate
  • Legendary – 1% drop rate
  • Unique – 0.1% drop rate

How to Get Traits In Bladers Rebirth?

To obtain a trait in Bladers Rebirth, you need to buy a part pack in Blade B-Pit. It will be a random trait so to get the better ones, you need to buy some more part parks with your in-game cash.   

Players can easily upgrade a part at the Part Upgrade Machine found near the Blade B-Pit.  Players can also collect Special Move Fragments dropped by the bosses to get Traits. Rare traits are the best and one should go for them. 

In the uncommon group, Turbo is the best trait as it will give you an extension, which allows you to speed up for a longer time. 

In the common group, the best trait is Agile as it increases the overall speed of your blade in any situation.

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