How to Find Black Merchant in Sol’s RNG (2024)

Are you struggling to find Black Merchant in Sol’s RNG? If your answer is YES, you are in the right place. 

Like other updates, Era 8 Update has added a bunch of new things to the game. Among those things is Merchants.

You can shop using this new shopping system by interacting with Black Merchant aka Jester. 

Unfortunately, locating the Black Merchant is hard which is why a lot of players are looking for its location. 

To help those players finding the Black Merchant in Sol’s RNG, we wrote this step by step guide.

In this guide, we will show you the location where Black Merchant is located in Roblox Sol’s RNG.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Black Merchant Location in Sol’s RNG

Sol's RNG Black Merchant Location

Image source: GINX TV

In Sol’s RNG, Jester Merchant is an NPC that sells P-point items worth 2000 times more than other items in the store.

Because of this reason, players are looking for the Black Merchant or Jester. 

Unfortunately, locating the Black Merchant is hard because he spawns randomly across the map in Sol’s RNG. 

This means you need to explore the map and find the Black Merchant. 

Whenever he spawns, all players will get notified by the message that says “Jester has spawned nearby” and you will hear a sound. 

When you see this message, you will have to start finding the Jester Merchant or NPC by exploring different locations across the map. 

According to our experience, Black Merchant mostly spawn in popular locations. So, you can start by checking the popular spots.  

You can also ask for the Black Merchant location in the chat section. 

However, Black Merchant will respawn in 10 minutes and also has only limited stock available so you have to spot him quickly. 

Once you find the Black Merchant, trade the required items. 

How to Trade With Black Merchant in Sol’s RNG? 

When you start trading in Sol’s RNG, you will see a pop-up window where all the items Black Merchant wants will be listed at the bottom of the window. 

Select the items you have and enter the number of items you want to trade. 

Jester or Black Merchant will show you the number of P points and Dark Points you’ll receive in return.

To confirm, click Exchange and you will receive the P points and Dark Points. You can then use these points to buy a new item from Black Merchant. 

Sol's RNG Black Merchant Location

Image source: GINX TV

The available items from the list or inventory will change in every spawn. If you don’t find the required items then you will wait for him to respawn and trade again. 

That’s how you can find the Black Merchant and trade with him in Sol’s RNG.

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