Battle Crush Tier List (July 2024)

Battle Crush is a high-octane battle game where players fight to be the final victor in brawls. 

Players will select their character, known as a calixer, and fight 30 other players to dominate the battlefield. 

If you are wondering which Calister to choose, here is a Battle Crush Tier list to aid your selection. 

In BATTLE CRUSH, as the ground gives way under your feet and attackers approach from all sides, you must battle the enemy to emerge as the strongest player out of 30.  

The diverse array of Calixers is inspired by a mythological character with each boasting unique abilities and playstyles.  

You can pick any from our tier list as we have placed them in different tiers based on their capabilities and skills to aid you in the selection process.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:  

Battle Crush Tier List (2024)

Here are all Calixers available in Battle Crush and their rankings:


  • Seri
  • Diana
  • Nyx

Seri: This is a baseball-playing dinosaur with the ability to give you a wider vision of the battlefield and reveal the enemy’s stealth mode.  

Diana: She is known for her ranged attacks and mobility, quite helpful in staying out of the line of fire.   

Nyx: Known for her ability and stealth. She also can fight up close as it makes her stronger.   


  • Medusa’s
  • Dandi’s

Medusa’s projectiles are strong but she is a bit difficult to play.

Dandi is known for her ability to swim which helps get to the loot in the water areas on the map. But it is situational.


  • Lancelot
  • Hercules
  • Hades
  • Lops
  • King Arthur
  • Poseidon
  • Ares
  • Freyja
  • Hermes

Lancelot: is good for specialists and dueling, but not good for an all-out brawl, however, he’s difficult to master.  

Hercules: Looks dashing and cool flaunting his lion’s pelt look.

Hades: with his goofy skeleton look is interesting.   

Lops: Handsome and goofy.

King Arthur:  has no connection with mythology but is fun to see in these games.

Poseidon: with his reach and the size of his attacks mean cannot get away in stealth. 

Ares:   This is one stylish Greek god of war.

Freyja: A popular pick. 

Hermes: He too has a stylish look but is not the most popular choice as yet.  


  • Urus

Urus: He lacks a dodge as he is slow and this is an impediment on the battlefield as he cannot get out of the way of projectiles. He works well in a team with good coordination. 

Hope this tier list helps you select the best. This Battle Crush Tier List is just a friendly suggestion. You can try other characters too.

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