How to Find Aurora (Potion Crafter) In Unknown RNG (2024)

Do you want to find Aurora (Potion Crafter) in Unknown RNG? If your answer is YES then you are in the right place. 

Unknown RNG is a popular Roblox game released on 19 May 2024. In this game, players collect items, upgrade their gears, craft auras, and participate in different events. 

Unlike other Roblox games, in Unknown RNG you will find yourself surrounded by aura giving it a stunning look. 

You can equip or trade auras with other players to earn money or get a rare aura in return. 

The chances of getting an aura depend on its rarity. The rare the aura, the lower the chances of obtaining them. 

The rarity of auras may vary in Unknown RNG depending on which biomes you are in. 

In some biomes, the specific aura is exclusive and in other biomes, you can obtain it easily. 

However, you can craft and obtain these auras in Unknown RNG by talking to NPCs. 

One of these NPCs is Aurora, she is a Potion Crafter. You can talk to her to craft your auras. 

Because aura is an important mechanic in the game, players need to find this NPC and try their luck rolling for auras.

Currently, it has been seen that some new players are struggling to find Aurora (Potion Crafter). 

If you are one of those players and don’t know where to find Aurora (Potion Crafter) in Unknown RNG, don’t worry we got you covered.

In this guide, we will show you the location where you can find Aurora (Potion Crafter) in Unknown RNG. 

Without any further ado, let’s start finding: 

Finding Aurora (Potion Crafter) In Unknown RNG

Finding the Aurora (Potion Crafter) in Unknown RNG is very easy. First, load into the game and enter into the cave on the right from the spawn area. 

Under this cave, you will find the NPC named Max who is a travel guide. 

Aurora (Potion Crafter) In Unknown RNG

Talk to him and travel to Mine. When you click on Accept, he will teleport you to the Mine. 

Inside the Mine, go straight and enter into the game on your left. 

This will take you to the next floor where you can turn right. 

Here, you will find Aurora (Potion Crafter). Press “E” to talk to her and start rolling. 

Aurora (Potion Crafter) In Unknown RNG

You can either get a new aura or craft aura from your aura storage. 

That’s it, this is where you can find Aurora (Potion Crafter) in Unknown RNG. 

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