Anime Impact Tier List [JACKPOT & GILGA] (July 2024)

Anime Impact is a Roblox game that can be enjoyed on all devices (Mobile, PC, and Console). Irrespective of what device you play, ensure you have a unique and powerful character.

Since characters play an integral role in Anime Impact, you must obtain the best character and upgrade them for unique skills.

Like Tower Defense games, Anime Impact has dozens of units to choose. What people are finding difficult is not all units are equally powerful or weak.

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When you start playing this game, you might find all units are the same but they are not. They might look the same but they are worse or better than others.

Keeping that in mind, we created an Anime Impact unit tier list. In our tier list, we ranked all units or characters available in the game into four tiers: S being the best and C being the worst.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Anime Impact Units Tier List (2024)

Before you go through our unit tier list, let me tell you that it is entirely based on our personal experience.

For the unversed, the devs add new units to Anime Impact with a new update. Whenever they add new units, we update our tier list.

Here are all Anime Impact units and their rankings:

S Tier

  • Naroto (Timeskip)
  • Teen Guhen
  • Sonade
  • Seru
  • Crock
  • Aizo
  • Bayakuyo
  • Pein
  • Eneru
  • Goko (Namak)
  • Jin Woo
  • Jin Woo (Monarch)

A Tier

  • Spade
  • Ruke
  • Urihima
  • Heron
  • Freezo
  • Zabohza
  • Kakashee
  • Nani
  • Hoku
  • Ging

B Tier

  • Flute
  • Kid Guhen
  • Sanjoo

C Tier

  • Zoru
  • Goku (Saiyan)
  • Sasook
  • Kuririn
  • Tonji
  • Loofy
  • Narooto
  • Cherry
  • Vegete (Saiyan)
  • Yumcho
  • Ichee

That’s everything you need to know about Anime Impact tier list.

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