Anime Crossover Defense Tier List [RAID UPD] (July 2024)

Anime Crossover Defense is a popular Roblox game wherein players need to form their team with the best characters from the Roblox Tower Defence game.  

Anime Crossover Defense (ACD) has players trying to defend their base from enemy attack. Therefore players need a strong team to withstand multiple waves of enemies.  

Like other tower defense games, Anime Crossover Defense has a plethora of units but they all are not equal when it comes to their abilities and skills.

Since units play an integral role in ACS, we created a tier list ranking all units available in the game into five tiers — S, A, B, C, and D.

The units in the S Tier are extremely versatile and powerful on all maps and stages. Those in the A Tier are good to be used in most situations. The B Tier characters are good to use in support options.

The ones in C Tier are good in the early stages of the game. The D-Tier characters should be avoided.

Here is a Roblox Anime Crossover Defense Tier List divided into different tiers to narrow down your choices and know which characters are worth your attention.

Anime Crossover Defense Tier List (2024)

This tier list ranks the characters as per their rarity, price, and combat potential. 

S Tier: The best units to add to your team

  • Modoro–  Mythic Rarity.
  • Rengogo –  Mythic rarity.
  • White Moustache – Mythic rarity.
  •  Butterfly–  Legendary rarity.
  • Cat Burglar –  Rare rarity.

A Tier: These units are also good and can be used in battles.

  • Blossom –  Rare rarity.
  • Bob –  Legendary rarity.
  • Boulmi – Legendary rarity.
  • Byakari – Legendary rarity.
  • Time Maid – Mythic rarity.

B Tier: These units are good but not as good as the ones in A Tier.

  • Carrot –  Rare rarity.
  • Curly Brows– Rare rarity.
  • Eric –  Epic rarity.
  • Henry- Epic rarity.
  • Joe –  Epic rarity.
  • Mosshead – Rare rarity.

C Tier: These units are not that great but good in the early game

  • Dark Invader – Legendary rarity.
  • Deo – Legendary rarity.

D Tier: The weakest units do try to avoid them

  • Nirito –  Rare rarity.
  • Peaceful Jeri  – Rare rarity.
  • Sneaky Clone  -Rare rarity.

Best Characters

Here are some of the best characters to choose in Anime Crossover Defense:

  • Modoro–  Mythic Rarity.
  • Rengogo –  Mythic rarity.
  • White Moustache – Mythic rarity.
  •  Butterfly–  Legendary rarity.
  • Cat Burglar – –  Rare rarity.

Here are the best Anime Crossover Defense teams.

  • Rengogo –  Mythic rarity- Rengogo is a bleed-type unit and his fireball attacks will slowly chip off enemies’ health.  To get the best out of Rengogo he needs to be placed near the start of the levels.
  • White Moustache – Mythic rarity – White Moustache is a tank-type unit in Anime Crossover Defense.  He has a lot of HP and can easily soak up hits from enemies. Place him near other damaged units to get the best defence from him.
  • Butterfly–  Legendary rarity – Butterfly has dual paths and the first path allows it to be used as a bleed-type damage character, while the other acts like a buff unit, scaling nearby enemies’ damage numbers.
  • Cat Burglar –  Rare rarity- The Cat Burglar is a decent support unit for beginners as it provides money per wave and increases attack speed.
  • Curly Brows– Rare rarity-  Sanji with its money generation and damage capabilities should be incorporated into your team for his money buffs.
  • Modoro–  Mythic Rarity. Is one of the best characters due to his fireball ability and stun abilities. It can tilt the battle in your favour easily.    
  • MossHead –  Rare rarity –  Mosshead is another best unit and can be used to clear the initial story quest in the game. But has costly upgrades as you progress.
  • Time Maid – Mythic rarity – The Time Maid has everything you need from a support unit and is a must-have.

Worst Characters

  • Sneaky Clone: Rare rarity. The Sneaky Clone can cause damage to the foes but is quite costly to upgrade it to become effective in the game.  
  • Henry – Epic rarity – Like Sneaky Clone, Henry too is quite costly to upgrade but has good damage potential to take down single enemies.
  • Ichytoe -Rare Rarity- Ichytoe is the worst unit as it has low damage numbers.  
  • Peaceful Jedi– Rare rarity – Peaceful Jedi has one of the lowest DPS numbers in the game.  

The above Anime Crossover Defense Tier List ranks the units based on their performance and usability in the game.  The new updates will add new characters to the game.  

This list is based on our impressions of the units and can easily change with future updates. 

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