Anime Ball Value List [UPD] (June 2024)

Anime Ball is one of the most popular games available on Roblox. Like Blade Ball and Death Ball, this Roblox game is a fighting game where a homing energy ball challenges your timing and focus.

To become a pro-Anime Ball player, you must obtain new abilities and equip them because you can’t survive without them.

Unfortunately, not all abilities or anime swords available in Anime Ball have the same power or damage, making it a lot more difficult for players to choose the best ability in the game.

There is no denying that abilities can be obtained in Anime Ball by using multiple methods but what people use the most is TRADING.

When it comes to trading, you must know the value of every ability, weapon, or anything you wish to get in the game.

If you go for TRADING without knowing the price of an item or ability, chances are high that you will get scammed by the TRADER.

With that in mind, we created an Anime Ball value list wherein we mentioned the correct value of all items and abilities available in the game.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Anime Ball Trading Value List (2024)

Here are all abilities, weapons, and items available in Anime Ball and their correct trading values:

Clean Champion Scythe1.1M
Clean Diamond Aegis2.5M
S Wrath Blade18M
S Elf Enforcer16M
S Cursed Spirit Blade CSB5 M
Amethyst Oblivion9.7M
DW Colossal Blazehead2.55 M
DW Inferno Blade2.4M
Golden Dominion2.4M
DW Olimpus Sword1.7M
DW Rainbow Chaos RBC1.5M
Dark Angel Aura1.1 M
Angel Aura300K
Dual Divine Slayer22M
Diamond Aegis22.3M
Shadow Eclipse3.1M
Rainbow Chaos1.55M
Dreamwalker Aura700K
Faerie Ember250K
Black Nichi55K
Zen Sword180K
Protector Dirty925K
Velvet Sword450K
Void Aura185K
Clean Rainbow Chaos1.45M
Fire 2 Rainbow Chaos Lunar Aura1.4M
Clean Protector900K
Winter Scythe20M
Lotus Oblivion24M
Tri Heat1.5M
Eclipse 35M
Colossal Blazehead2.65M
Spirit Scythe240K
Crystal Dahlia6M
Dual War Forged Reaper2.0M
Dual Spirit Scythe1.9M
Clean Dual Champion Swords1.7M
Dual Luminara Staff2.7M
Mistletoe Axe3.0M
War Forged Reaper1.8M
Jolly Jouster2.79M
Dungeon Fury800K
Torokai’s Impaler190K
Hallowtide Aura200K
Constellation Aura175K
Luminara Staff670K
DW Colossal Blazehead2.5M
Champion Scythe1.5M
Evolved Scissors250K
Silver Destiny500K
Wrath Blade750K
Timekeeper Aura1M
Clean Golden Dominion1.25M
Clean Silver Destiny2.0M
Spectrum Blade380K
Cyber Enigma3.6M

That’s everything you need to know about the Anime Ball value list.

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